NFL Musings and Observations (To D-Hop or Not)

There are always times where organizations will need to take a risk. This can be seen in business, it can be seen in military tactics. The idea of Bruce Arians saying "No riskist, no biscuit" mantra is completely true. Lets look at some risks, some work out and some don't but the risk is always there. The Battle of Midway was a huge risk for both the Japanese as well as the Americans.

For the Empire of Japan the longer the war continued the longer the shots are for a victory. This was completely understandable when discussing the idea of logistics. Admiral Yamamoto was the leader of the Japanese Navy and also a person who saw the American strength. He failed to eliminate the American carriers at Pearl Harbor and also Coral Sea. Understanding American industrialism will out produce Japan he was driven to bring the Americans into a huge battle and eliminate the threat and of course in his mind drive the Americans into peace talks.

For the Americans they needed a win, they needed to also stop the Japanese advance. This was going to be the idea behind the American Navy leader Admiral Nimitz. Nimitz was of course the Mastermind of the American pacific theater, as much as people say General McArthur it was Nimitz who fully understood the battlefield. He also fully understood the idea of American moral and the limitations of Japan to produce in terms of compared to the Americans.

The battle was set for Midway and both had to risk. The Americans could have easily given up Midway and waited for the industry to build superior numbers. They understood and risked the remaining three carriers against the Japanese four carriers and frankly better pilots at the time. Both sides pushed all the chips to the front and when you look at it I fully understand why they did.

In the end the Japanese plan was completely over-complicated like usual, seriously, the Japanese loved the overly complex and on multiple occasions they shot themselves in the foot with complexity. The Americans had luck on themselves and within one afternoon one side, the Americans, turned the war in the pacific and the risk was completely worth it.

So the Bills have the option to risk it and go after D-Hop. The reason for the risk is obvious, it is an offensive game and D-Hop is going to be a huge up-grade. He is not purely talent based and understands leverage, understands spacing, understands the depth and who he is, he is a huge upgrade and you can always use more talent. He will come in and give the Bills a huge red zone threat with a big body WR.

The reason to be weary of the Bills to the risk is he is over 30 and has been suspended for PEDs. Is his body breaking down? How much does he have left in the tank? What happens if he isn't on PEDs? These are completely understandable questions about the risk. Do the Bills want to risk a chunk of salary for these questions? It is part of the discussion occurring at One Bills Drive.

My belief is D-Hop wants to be wanted after the money discussion. The idea of money is completely understandable, so the Bills will have to be at least in the ball park in terms of monetary value but then there are intangibles. This is where I believe the decision for D-Hop comes in. Everyone who is serious will be offering big boy bucks. D-Hop will want certain things as he has said. Money...obviously, but a QB, stable Head Coach and front office, and he has mentioned other offensive weapons because he probably doesn't want to be the guy every single play. So if this is the discussion it comes down to three teams. The Chiefs, the Eagles and Bills. Hopefully he risks right, and signs with the Bills.

Random Bills Observations:

1.) Anyone else excited about the Bills running game? I know I'm shocked saying it but I really think they're doubling down on protecting Josh Allen but wouldn't it be shocking if the Bills became more balanced? I keep going back to the idea of the Bills seeing Torrence and Brown on the right side and the Bills just lining up with Josh Allen under center and just handing the ball off and gaining 4-6 yards per pop. If that happens, wow.

2.) Is Dawson Knox going to be the odd man out? I know he is one of Josh Allen's favorite teammates but what happens if a team comes in and says we will give you "Blank" on the trade block. This may be a conversation if the Bills bring in D-Hop. I fully understand the idea that you cannot have too many weapons but I also know there is a finite amount of snaps every year and a certain amount of pass plays and running plays.

3.) The rumors of Tre White feeling better with his knee is amazing news. He apparently is looking like his old self during OTAs and this is good news. CBs have to live off of cutting ability. Tre White specifically was never a physical specimen. He lived off of his cutting and his technical expertise. These are based on his hip fluidity and cutting ability. If he has it back, that's huge news.

4.) Josh Allen it has been said is more focused and the Bills are seeing a new side to him. This of course could be just talk but the Bills I believe are seeing a new Josh Allen? Josh will always have his wild side and we will never want to see him not have that side, but what about a very more concise Josh Allen. When Josh is at his best he has the bucking bronco side but he is deliberate. Think Josh Allen vs. the Patriots when he fully understands the offensive scheme and what the defense will be doing. In the modern NFL game the QBs have to be able to go off script but sometimes I believe JA17 needs to be more concise.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1.) I'm going to discuss the weaknesses of the AFC East teams other than the Bills.

Miami: This goes specifically to the QB question. Tua I believe is a great person and he is always the professional. That being said he has been injured often. However the Miami offense is based upon the QB being on time allowing the weapons to make the plays. Even more, Armstrong the LT is also injury prone and that is going to cause issues because without a strong OL, Miami may struggle.

New York: It's about the egos as the Jets have talent but how are the egos. I have had reservations for Robert Saleh after he said he was keeping receipts last year when the Jets were losing. That is something Andy Reid, Bill Belicheck, Sean McD, Sean McVay would never say. That is acknowledging the outside world is having an effect on your mind. Add in Aaron Rogers who has an ego as big as the three day bender he went on in South America with the traditional psychedelic drink normally reserved for religious functions or abused by rich white people. Quinnen Williams wants a new contract, Mekhi Bekton calling out the Jets coaching staff, if the Jets don't start fast this year, it could spell troubles.

New England: Have you ever just seen a shell of something? In Rochester NY as a kid I remember the monorail at Shelby's in downtown. I loved it, it was amazing. As I got older it looked less and less amazing and I fully understood it will never be what it once was. The Patriots have become the brick and mortar mall which is trying to remain viable but we all know it is easier to just Amazon something. Like Tua, Mac Jones is not a physically elite talent. He never will be and needs a game plan to be specific that goes to his strengths which is on time and accurate passes with the ball being out of his hand fast. If that doesn't exist he will struggle.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

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