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The Buffalo Bills have adopted a Road House quote

It’s perfect

NCAA Football: PAC-12 Football Championship-Southern California at Utah Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Good Morning Football crew recently had a fun discussion centered around the Twitter biographies of different NFL teams. Since Kyle Brandt is heavily associated with the Buffalo Bills, he chose the team to talk about what he thought they should change their bio to read. His answer was perfect.

“I’m gonna go to Patrick Swayze in the late 80s and there’s a tale of Patrick Swayze’s character who played a cooler, not a bouncer but a cooler,” Brandt stated. He continued, “He showed up to Jasper, Missouri with a Philosophy degree.” He summarizes the movie further by talking about Swayze’s character cleaning up the only bar in town, “one spin kick at a time.”

Of course Kyle is talking about John Dalton, the main protagonist in the 1989 film Road House. There’s a point in the movie where Dalton breaks up a bar fight and sends the rowdy men packing. A woman then asks, “Who is that guy?” A blind guitarist replies on the microphone by smiling and saying, “The Dalton”.

Brandt believes that since the Bills drafted TE Dalton Kincaid in the first round of the 2023 draft, their Twitter bio should include that specific line from Road House. “I’m talking about Swayze, spin kicks, and broken bottles, and boots that have knives in them. That’s what you wanna do,” he said in a way that only Kyle can.

Fortunately, the Buffalo Bills didn’t disappoint. Shortly after Brandt’s clip went viral, the team updated their Twitter bio. Del Reid’s 26 Shirts was also mentioned in the video and they’ve already created a Dalton t-shirt for a good cause.

Check out the full clip and the t-shirt below.