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Bills Mathia: Game Speed, starring Dalton Kincaid

We know his test speed, now let’s look at game speed

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The 2023 NFL Draft has come and gone and fans of the Buffalo Bills should be amped up! It was widely felt that the Bills would look to use a premium asset to find a new weapon for the offense to ease a bit of the burden on Josh Allen. A run on wide receivers led to Buffalo settling for the best pass-catching tight end in the draft: Dalton Kincaid.

Coincidentally, I’m trying to tie my Bills Mathia content into timely topics so let’s make Kincaid the test subject for one of my offseason ideas. Let’s calculate...GAME SPEED!

You should really watch the video to hear my hypnotic voice and mesmerizing cadences, but if you can’t be bothered here’s the idea. Leading up the draft, NFL prospects are measured in any number of ways, including how fast they can move. While that’s not a bad measure, this can differ from game speed.

This episode of Bills Mathia takes the idea of game speed away from the eye test and gut-feel method to more precise calculations. Using a pretty sweet play of Kincaid’s, I calculate how fast he ran on average over a span of 35 yards. I’m not done there though, as I extrapolate how long it would have taken him to run the 40 at his game-speed rate and compare it to his pre-draft test speed.

You might be shocked to learn he’s not quite as fast on the field as he was in a controlled setting. If you’re curious as to why, the video has your answers. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of good news for Bills fans despite the “slower” game speed.