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Stefon Diggs practicing during second day of Buffalo Bills’ mandatory minicamp

Step back from the ledge, Bills Mafia

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours for the Buffalo Bills, following a very alarming choice of words from head coach Sean McDermott who said he was “very concerned, very concerned” about the absence of wide receiver Stefon Diggs from the team’s first day of mandatory minicamp.

As soon as McDermott uttered those words, the internet latched on and rumors began to spread like smoke from a Canadian wildfire choking out everything in its path. All was not well in Orchard Park, NY. Josh Allen took a seat in front of reporters and wrestled through more than 11 minutes of questions about Diggs — some seeking very private facts, many hoping for an existential response. Allen clearly seemed stressed by the entire situation, despite his words on the contrary. It’s hard not to imagine his stress if indeed he had only been apprised of the situation at the conclusion of practice.

After Allen had enough of the barrage, edge rusher Von Miller took a seat. It took almost eight minutes for Miller to be asked a question about his recovery, to which he delightfully lit up. While it’s certain the players understand we want to know what’s up, it’s clear they want almost nothing to do with discussing it on behalf of Diggs.

We’d heard through various outlets that Diggs was in town both Monday and Tuesday, and that following a medical checkup on the latter, he left the building instead of joining his teammates in the ADPRO Sports Training House.

But once Day 2 of mandatory minicamp began, a more positive spin to the day was set in motion thanks to a tweet by Bills beat reporter Matt Parrino.

The Bills’ official twitter account soon shared the following video:

So there we have it. Stefon Diggs is in attendance. We don’t know if he’s “all-the-way in” at this point, but all things great must begin somewhere. Bills Mafia may need to exercise some patience when trying to learn all things possible about the situation between Diggs and the Bills’ organization. For now, let’s just enjoy that today’s news cycle should generate far more positive vibes for the team.