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Buffalo Rumblings weekly vidcast & podcast roundup

Catch up on all this week’s podcast and vidcast content!

Check out everything you may have missed from this week! Let us know what shows you checked out this week. Have a question for us?Don’t forget to welcome Ajay and his new show “Ajay’s Analysis” in the comments below!

The Buffalo Rumblings vidcast and podcast network has you covered every day! We have something for all of you. Be sure to tune in to get all the offseason Buffalo Bills content you know you need!


Circling the Wagons Podcast with Nate, Jon, and Mike

In this episode of Circling the Wagons, the crew gives their thoughts on the Buffalo Bills signing DE Leonard Floyd (previously with the Los Angeles Rams / Chicago Bears) to a one-year contract and much more!
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Breaking Buffalo Rumblings Podcast

What is happening with CB2 in Buffalo? Breaking Buffalo Rumblings Podcast is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
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Leading the Charge – (English)

Leading the Charge is back with Fernando Schmude who analyzed a crazy day with news about Stefon Diggs still not participating in the team’s practices despite the mandatory portion of the minicamp having started.

Leading the Charge with Fernando Schmude is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms. His shows are in Portuguese and English.
Follow Fernando on Twitter @FernandoSchmude!

Code of Conduct

JSpenceTheKing celebrates the three-year anniversary of the Code Of Conduct Podcast the same way it all began, with Joe Miller III! Listen to the fellas reminisce over the ups and downs of the last three years, what’s to come and more! The Code of Conduct is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
Follow @JSpenceTheKing and @joemillerwired on Twitter!


Jamie D and Big Newt Podcast

Host Jamie D’Amico and big Chris Newton discuss the Stefon Diggs’ situation and postulate as to what would cause Diggs to miss practice. Big Newt mentions a story from last week that is getting little run among the media but may be a strong factor in why Diggs didn’t participate.

Follow them on Twitter @TheJamieDamico, @Big_Newt

Line 2 Gain

Join the “Big O” Jerry Ostroski and Sara Larson as they continue to discuss offseason news and moves heading into training camp. PS Jerry thinks he is hilarious

Line 2 Gain airs live on Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. EST. Line 2 Gain is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
Follow @Ostroski_BigO, @sara_larson, @Line_2_Gain


The Bruce Exclusive Podcast

On this episode of “The Bruce Exclusive” Bruce examines the context behind the hot Buffalo Bills topic that he really doesn’t want to talk about, talks about sleeping on the couch and how the “why” matters, comments on Ed Oliver’s ankle, and picks up some listener emails.
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The Mafia Cast

The Mafia Cast is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media and vidcast platforms.
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Ajay’s Analysis

The first ever episode of Ajay’s Analysis is here! I will be discussing Stefon Diggs and the situation at One Bills Drive! Later in the show, Bills Beat Reporter Matt Parrino will be joining me to bring us inside Bills Mandatory Minicamp and his thoughts on the players we want to talk about! Ajay’s Analysis is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
Follow Ajay on Twitter @ajaycybulski!


Not Another Buffalo Podcast

Brando rides solo this week on Not Another Buffalo Podcast as he examines the timeline in the recent Diggs saga and makes his analysis.

Not Another Buffalo Podcast is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
Follow them on Twitter @NotBuffPodcast, Pat Caprio @Real_Pat_Cap, Jonathan Korzelius @Yukon222, and Brandon Habermas @haber028!

Dropping this weekend:

Saturday at 12:01 a.m. EDT

The Buff Hub Podcast

The Buff Hub Podcast is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
Follow your host Steve Vega on Twitter @buffhub!

Sunday at 12:01 a.m. EDT

Billieve Podcast

Billieve is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
Follow them on Twitter @johnboccacino, @TheJamieDamico!

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