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Tim Graham refutes recent rumors on rifts at One Bills Drive

That’s a lot of alliteration to discuss 13 seconds and the Stefon Diggs situation

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Recent comments from Michael Lombardi about the Buffalo Bills appear to have dropped quite the bombshell. The short version is that it has to do with a couple of key allegations in recent Bills events. Have you been perturbed by “13 Seconds,” defensive play-calling, and/or the weird departure of assistant head coach/defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier? Lombardi asserted that the play-calling for “13 Seconds” was head coach Sean McDermott, not Leslie Frazier. Further, that this and other developments led to Frazier leaving (check the link below for the full story).

Well, every coin has two sides and Tim Graham, known for his deep connections to Buffalo sports, had a different perspective on the matter. Per Graham, “McDermott told me at the combine that the only time he ever called the plays was that brief time in 2018.” This is of course a reference to the time McDermott took over play calling mid-game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Frazier resumed his usual duties the following game.

In addition, Graham indicates that this was told to him after specifically being asked “how often he’d taken over” defensive play calling. That appears to be a preemptive attempt by Graham to get ahead of any skeptical tearing apart of the response he claimed to have gotten. That wasn’t the only drama that Graham dove into recently.

During a recent episode of “Talking Buffalo,” Tim Graham also discussed the little he knows about the issue that led to Stefon Diggs missing 50% of the team’s mandatory minicamp this season. While Graham couldn’t say what the reason was, he was able to say what one reason wasn’t.

The widely speculated rift between Stefon Diggs and offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey can be considered nonexistent per Graham. With that being the leading theory in most circles, the answer is a double-edged sword. It seemingly clears Dorsey, but leaves us left to continue looking for other parties to point at.

If you’d like to see the complete other side of the coin* on these pressing Buffalo Bills’ related matters, click here to see Michael Lombardi’s thoughts on 13 Seconds and Stefon Diggs’ discontent.

*Yes. We’re 100% going with a coin-flip reference in an article pair that includes “13 Seconds” content.