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Bills Reacts results: Is Bills Mafia concerned about Josh Allen’s “Madden 24” cover?

Buffalo Bills fans know a thing or two about superstitions and feeling cursed

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We’re Buffalo Bills fans. We know sports heartache and we often believe if the worst can happen, it’ll do so in the Bills-iest way possible. It took more than a generation for the franchise to find a true successor to the generational talent that was Jim Kelly.

As an organization, it was 17 years before a Bills team broke its infamous playoff drought — and it required a truly magical last-second touchdown throw by Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals to knock out the Baltimore Ravens and send Buffalo to the postseason. To find success, it often seems like the Bills have to earn it in the most challenging of ways — and too often Bills fans feel like they just can’t have nice things.

Well, that’s all changed since Josh Allen came to town. Allen has become a bona fide NFL superstar, deftly moving the football down the field whether by arm or his legs — and sometimes the occasional hurdle or “truck.” (Yes, Patrick Queen, Josh Allen really does that to players.) Allen is must-see TV, and football fans can’t get enough of him.

When rumors began to circulate that Josh Allen would appear on the cover of EA Sports Madden NFL 24 many were in disbelief. But soon after Allen himself broke the official word on Twitter and forever changed the narrative that “Madden” would never feature a Bills player.

But as firsts go, Allen becoming the first Buffalo Bills player to grace the franchise’s cover wasn’t the only unprecedented move for “Madden.” That’s because the deluxe edition of “Madden 24” will feature Allen in a post-TD celebratory moment with none other than Bills Mafia — and the genuine article at that. Never before had “Madden” featured a team’s fan base on its cover.

But with this fame comes concern for some. That’s of course the “Madden curse.” Some believe it’s a certainty that the player who makes the cover suffers either injury or a significantly disappointing season while serving as the game’s featured face.

But Bills Mafia might be a bit of a different breed. After all superstitions and curses aren’t new territories for fans of Buffalo-based sports. As such, in our latest Reacts poll, 29% of those who voted said they were concerned about a curse being cast on Allen this season due to the “Madden” cover.

Depending on your point of view, that number may seem low or it may strike you as a large percentage of the fans. There’s enough history out there with regard to “Madden” cover athletes being ill-fated, while others went on to win the Super Bowl.

Recent comments within other articles on Buffalo Rumblings about Allen making the cover of “Madden 24” suggest the idea of a curse reversal.

After all’s said and done, winning in the NFL takes an enormous amount of luck in multiple disciplines. No matter what side of the curse fence you stand next to, it’s reasonable to expect that talent and a fair bit of luck are both required to succeed each season. If bad luck is seen as a curse to you, then so be it. If good luck is simply luck of the draw in your eyes, then it’s usually best to simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

So what do you think? Is that figure lower or higher than you were expecting?

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