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Buffalo Rumblings weekly vidcast & podcast roundup

Catch up on all this week’s podcast and vidcast content!

The Buffalo Rumblings vidcast and podcast network has you covered every day! We have something for all of you. Be sure to tune in to get all the offseason Buffalo Bills content you know you need!

Here’s a roundup of everything that aired this week.


Circling the Wagons Podcast with Nate, Jon, and Mike

In this episode of Circling the Wagons, the CTWPod give their thoughts on the drama surrounding WR Stefon Diggs and the Bills, particularly QB Josh Allen’s comments and HC Sean McDermott saying he was “very concerned” about Diggs’ absence from the first day of mandatory minicamp.
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Breaking Buffalo Rumblings Podcast

…And now we wait for the start of Bills training camp.
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Leading the Charge – (English)

Fernando Schmude leads the charge, bringing on a hot topic: which players must step up in 2023 to elevate the Bills to the top of the AFC and back to the Super Bowl? Leading the Charge with Fernando Schmude is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms. His shows are in Portuguese and English.
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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is back with two special guests, Sara Larson and Jerry Ostroski to catch up on any and everything NFL. Will the Lions host Hard Knocks for a second season in a row? Will Big O and Spence finally settle their LBJ vs MJ debate? Has Josh Allen reached Jim Kelly’s legend? Code of Conduct is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
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The Chop Up

As we enter the Summer, the Chop Up crew reflects on the dead part of the year as far as NFL football is concerned, big trades around the NBA, Ja Morant’s suspension and more. The Chop Up is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
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Line 2 Gain

Join the “Big O” Jerry Ostroski and Sara Larson as they continue to discuss offseason news and moves heading into training camp. JSpencetheKing jumps in to discuss the Bills Wall of Fame when the new stadium is built.

Line 2 Gain airs live on a new night: Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. EST. Line 2 Gain is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
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The Bruce Exclusive Podcast

On this episode of “The Bruce Exclusive”, Bruce talks about the “hot seat” conversations that have surrounded Sean McDermott this week, tries to mirror the conversation in quarterback world, and rails against grind culture and its impact on our happiness as a society. He discussed Matt Harmon’s “Reception Perception” profile on Gabe Davis and how it aligns with previous discussions on the wide receiver.
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The Mafia Cast

The Mafia Cast is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media and vidcast platforms.
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Ajay’s Analysis

In Episode 2 of Ajay’s Analysis, Ajay discuss the scope of the AFC East, what those teams have added and lost, and compare that to what the Bills have done this offseason. Ajay’s Analysis is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
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Not Another Buffalo Podcast

This week on Not Another Buffalo Podcast, Jon & Brando reflect on the Diggs situation a week removed, and how McDermott’s philosophies have shaped the direction of the Bills organization. Plus, some trivia you’ll want to stick around for.

Not Another Buffalo Podcast is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
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SPECIAL EDITION Code of Conduct with special guest Mina Kimes!

And if you missed last Saturday’s interview between JSpencetheKing and Mina Kimes on a special edition of the Code of Conduct – you don’t want to miss it!

Dropping this weekend:


The Buff Hub Podcast

The Buff Hub Podcast is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.Follow your host Steve Vega on Twitter @buffhub!


Billieve Podcast

Billieve is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
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