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Skarey Movies: Interview with (bobblehead) Josh Allen

Totally real interview with a totally real Josh Allen (bobblehead). Yes, this is satire

Bobble Joshy FOCO bighead bobblehead

One of the perks of the football analyst lifestyle is that once in a while you discover a new opportunity out of the blue. And when a fun opportunity knocks, you open that door wide.

Such was the case when that knock on the door came from none other than star quarterback (bobblehead) Josh Allen. Buffalo Bills QB1 (bobblehead) couldn’t spare much time, but I was able to broach new subjects that I know fans have been dying to get answers to.

Check out this totally real interview with completely sincere answers to actual questions everyone has about Josh Allen (bobblehead). It won’t even take a minute.

OK fine, here’s what’s really up. FOCO sent me this Josh Allen BigHead bobblehead and I thought it would be funny to do some satire interviews. Does this make me a shill? Perhaps, but a shill for cool ****.

As an aside, the voice of Bobble Joshy will remain a mystery for now, but if you liked his bouncy, sassy attitude let me know here or elsewhere. Maybe you have a question for Joshy. Maybe Joshy will have an answer. Who knows what the future holds for Joshy (aside from bobblin’).