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Von Miller keenly focused on winning a Super Bowl with the Buffalo Bills

During minicamp, all the assembled media could think about was Stefon Diggs — Miller wasn’t having much of it

Los Angeles Rams defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 to win the NFL Super Bowl LVI football game at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

Seated in front of a very thirsty group of reporters during what became a dramatic Tuesday of minicamp, Buffalo Bills edge rusher Von Miller didn’t take the bait. He wasn’t going to harm his team with an offside penalty even when the assembled media repeatedly tested him. While it seemed all anyone with eyes focused on One Bills Drive could think about was the very confusing situation involving an incomplete narrative regarding wide receiver Stefon Diggs, Miller showcased a keenly different focus.

Miller was clearly exasperated fielding the barrage of questions about Diggs. During the extended line of questioning about the star wide receiver, all Miller could do was reinforce his role as a team leader, minimize the severity of the situation, and speak often about his focus on winning the Super Bowl as a member of the Buffalo Bills.

Miller finally lit up when Bills beat/sideline reporter Sal Capaccio was able to ask him about his chances of practicing during training camp, following recovery from ACL surgery. “Oh thank you. Phew. A question about Von now!”

Clearly, Miller wasn’t distracted then and remains focused now. It’s likely the team, in general, is in lock-step with Miller’s line of thinking. There are too few games in a season and too few seasons where a professional football player has the chance at the sport’s greatest accomplishment.

Why post this now? Why re-visit it at all? Because narratives continue to seep into our social (media) consciousness. Many believe the Bills are ill-prepared to handle the perceived “drama,” potentially de-railing a yet-to-be-realized 2023 NFL season. But it’s time to move on, to bigger things.

Von Miller said it best: “Mind ya’ business.”

People argue. Bills players won’t always get along, whether that be with their teammates or others within the organization. It doesn’t mean they can’t and won’t go about their jobs as professionals looking to do their part for the team. The best thing Bills Mafia can do is try to soldier on with them and remain focused on larger goals.