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FOCO Buffalo Bills Father’s Day 2023 Gift Guide

Celebrate the dads of the world in style

Unless your dad is a Buffalo Bills fan, it can often be a challenge finding just the right gift the likes of which he might otherwise never buy himself while secretly hoping to open.

Speaking as a dad myself, I know how hard it can be to shop for Father’s Day. I don’t always make it easy on my family with age-old responses such as “I dunno” or “I can’t really think of anything” when asked “Is there anything you’d like?” If you have a dad in your life who’s as frustrating as I am, then let FOCO help you out this year.

What’s even better is being able to shop from the convenience of your phone and computer — which is exactly what you can accomplish within this post!

Check out a few of the FOCO selections below and/or head to their Buffalo Bills collection found here.

Buffalo Bills Floral Boonie Hat

Hot weather’s got nothing on your dad this Father’s Day. That’s because this Buffalo Bills Floral Boonie Hat is here to keep dad cool and comfortable when the temperature goes up and dad needs to stay active taking care of your home like the best dads do!

These hats are also amazing for the beach, where dad might like to hang, perhaps with a Bills book in hand or tossing the football on go-routes towards the surf.

Buffalo Bills Helmet Vertical Flag

Get dad’s head in the game this Father’s Day all year round! Make sure dad is letting everyone know that he’s a phenom of football fandom and let his fan flag fly with this Buffalo Bills Helmet Vertical Flag!

This also comes in handy when trying to block out your neighbor’s terrible non-Bills choice of NFL flag.

Buffalo Bills Team Workout Training Shorts

Need to rep the team during your workout? This Father’s Day, it’s time for dad to take off the training wheels and put on some training shorts! Specifically, these Buffalo Bills Team Workout Training Shorts.

Shorts so awesome they might just help redefine casual Friday at cube land.

Buffalo Bills Gradient Midsole White Sneakers

Gradient style that makes the grade. Make a statement on game days when you step into the building in these Buffalo Bills Gradient Midsole White Sneakers.

Staying grounded with the Buffalo Bills as his sole provider means dad will have others following in his footsteps.

Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Action Pose Bighead Bobblehead

Is your dad all in with Josh Allen? If the answer is “yes!” — then he NEEDS this Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Action Pose Bighead Bobblehead in his lineup for Father’s Day and all year round.

It’s nearly impossible resisting the temptation to spring into action for miniature memories of your favorite Bills. No matter where Allen or any of his teammates bobble, dad’s sure to win the crowd over every time. Don’t delay if you know your dad needs more bobbles in his life — these tiny tributes are made in super-limited quantities!

Buffalo Bills Colorblock Big Logo Clog

Whether you’re walking around the house, in the park, or to your favorite seat in the stadium ready to cheer your team on to victory, do it in style by rocking these Buffalo Bills Colorblock Big Logo Clogs!

Dad’s sure to love how awesome these shoes are no matter where he goes — but especially when soaking up an opportunity to wash his weekend ride.

Buffalo Bills Solid Double Compartment Cooler

Tailgating with your friends before the game is already cool but this Father’s Day, Dad’s going to rock his drinks in style at the family parties and hangouts with this Buffalo Bills Solid Double Compartment Cooler.

If there’s such a thing as dad beer, then this cooler might just be the perfect way to unleash the beast!

Buffalo Bills Mancave Sign

So, you’re hosting the big Father’s Day get together, and want to make sure dad is all covered to have his buddies over for the occasion. We’ve got your dad covered. This Father’s Day, this Buffalo Bills Mancave Sign lets everyone know who the fan in charge is and gives your dad’s home field plenty of advantage.

Let’s face it, when it comes to dads — there are often many things that should never exit the man cave.

Buffalo Bills Floral Large Frame Sunglasses

You’ve got it made in these shades. Dad should be rocking a whole new style of shading that sun while he kicks back, relaxes, and supports your squad in style with the Buffalo Bills Floral Large Frame Sunglasses.

If for some reason Don Johnson calls your dad, it’s likely so he can ask if dad’s available for a spinoff series called OP Vice. These lenses absolutely seal the deal.

Buffalo Bills Team Stripe Gel Slide

Want to make your fellow fans oh so gel-ous? They’ll be green with envy when they see you step into the spot in these Buffalo Bills Team Stripe Gel Slides.

Your dad’s going to love these so much that he’ll probably wear them while clearing snow this winter. (Don’t judge us!)

Buffalo Bills Captains Hat

When your fellow fans see you rocking this Buffalo Bills Captain’s Hat, remind them that a courtesy “Aye aye, captain!” is in order. A hearty “Hey-aye-aye-aye!” would also be acceptable.

This is the hat dad’s been waiting for! Whether while on the boat, casting by the shore, or getting geared up for Bills game day, this cap will become the pièce de résistance to amp up dad’s cool factor. (We don’t know if Buffalove Boat Guy exists, but he should, with laugh track in tow.)

Buffalo Bills Floral Button Up Shirt

Barbecues, beach days, ballgames — No matter where you are this summer, you’re guaranteed to be the best-looking fan when you’re rocking this officially licensed Buffalo Bills Floral Button Up Shirt.

Your dad needs this. You need this. The world needs more Buffalo Bills button-ups! Dad’s sure to show those spring-breakers who’s the boss when he deplanes for his next adventure aboard the high seas. (Seriously, this and that cap above couldn’t be a more perfect tropical pairing!)

Buffalo Bills 2 Pack Solid Car Flag

Ready, set, decorate! Start your engines and get ready to hit the road with your legendary team spirit by displaying this Buffalo Bills 2 Pack Solid Car Flag!

Dad’s sure to show public enemy fan base No. 1 what’s what with these flags. Leave them in the dust, drooling on their poorly punned painted windows as you breeze by in style!

Buffalo Bills Beach Umbrella

This summer, making sure your dad beats the heat with this Buffalo Bills Beach Umbrella is a rare example of when throwing shade’s actually a GOOD thing!

Whether your dad is or isn’t a snowbird matters not. All that matters is him planting this umbrella in the scorching sand of South Beach. Dad’s bringing the heat to the beach and there’s nothing those fair-weather Florida fans can do about it!

Remember, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18! While the above shows off some of the featured goodies from FOCO, make sure to check out the rest of their collection to get the dads on your list something special. Maybe get yourself something nice too while you’re at it.