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Buffalo Bills Highlight Hype Machine: LB Matt Milano, Part 1

Let’s enjoy highlights by the remaining superstar in the middle of the Bills’ defense

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Our Buffalo Bills hype machine sights turn to the remaining half of the dynamic duo manning the middle of the team’s defense. That’s right, get ready to be amped up for Matt Milano All-22 (mostly) highlights! Milano will have extra pressure on him this season without his partner in dime (and nickel) Tremaine Edmunds. But no worry, let’s find some reasons to be excited.

Matt Milano’s fumble recovery vs. Cleveland Browns

Sometimes a highlight isn’t much more than being in the right place at the right time. A botched snap and a loose ball rolled toward Matt Milano and he was paying attention enough to fall on it.

Milano’s fumble recovery vs. New York Jets

There was a little luck involved here as well, but some of it was created luck. Damar Hamlin was set to make the stop, popped the ball loose and Milano was there again. Notably, if Milano didn’t have it, Jordan Poyer would have. A big factor in the “luck” of the first two clips is that the Buffalo Bills frequently swarm to the ball as a team.

Milano’s interception vs. New England Patriots

I’m a little higher on Mac Jones than many fans but, to be clear, I still feel this overthrow is a pretty decent representation of the New England Patriots quarterback. The intended target tipped it rather than making the catch, and Matt Milano was quick to adjust. Reaction time is a great trait to have and Milano’s is highlighted quite well here.

Milano’s half-sack (with DaQuan Jones) vs. Miami Dolphins

Working with your teammates to execute together is another trait that can lead to highlight-level execution. The blitzing Milano created the right chaos on this down. Right guard Robert Hunt (68) started off doing fine against DaQuan Jones. That left Milano as a free rusher. Hunt reacted to try and stop Milano, which freed up Jones. Milano already had the angle over Hunt and that’s how two Buffalo Bills ended up getting a sack on Tua Tagovailoa.

Milano’s interception vs. Green Bay Packers

Here’s another example of reaction time with Tim Settle deflecting the ball into the air. Milano had dropped into coverage but saw the ball and made a beeline for it.

Milano’s sack vs. Cleveland Browns

My favorite word to describe what the Bills look for in their defensive players is “versatility.” Buffalo has no qualms moving Milano around all over for support. There was an obvious payoff in this instance.

Milano’s pick-six vs. Tennessee Titans

This one is fun to watch on repeat. We end on the highest of highlights as Milano anticipated the play, was in excellent position, and jumped the route to steal the ball from the Titans. And also scored.