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Buffalo Bills Highlight Hype Machine: LB Matt Milano, Part 2

Playoff highlights!

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The Highlight Hype Machine laughs at conventional wisdom. With a player as pivotal to the Buffalo Bills as Matt Milano, the Hype Machine is running overtime to give you extra highlights. This edition focuses on the 2022 playoffs. While overall the games may not have gone exactly the way fans hoped, Milano still pulled out some highlights.

Matt Milano’s Super Wild Card Weekend sack for a loss of nine against Dolphins

If it wasn’t Milano getting the sack, there were several other options. But since this is the Matt Milano Highlight Hype Machine let’s celebrate that he was the quickest to the finish line on his first sack of the day against the Miami Dolphins. Even with a smack to the thigh he maintained his balance and got the sack.

Another Super Wild Card Weekend sack by Milano, for a loss of seven

For the analysis let’s go short and sweet. The cut was great. The left hand swatting the shoulder to prevent pursuit was even better.

Milano’s stop key to Bills victory on Super Wild Card Weekend

If you recall, Buffalo won by three. This was Miami’s last attempt to tie or win. This stop from Matt Milano (and a penalty right after for delay of game) led to Miami leaving empty and Buffalo running out the clock for the win. Milano showed off good patience and vision to keep his potential gaps covered and make the tackle.

Milano with a tackle for loss against Bengals in the Divisional Round

We have more patience here in the Divisional Round against the Cincinnati Bengals as Joe Mixon runs to the right side. Mixon waited for the block to develop in front of him, and Milano also wanted to see how that played out. Milano dove at the right time to create a tackle for loss.

Personal note here, I’m not sure why TFLs aren’t as glorified as sacks. For me I don’t care who has the ball, creating a loss is awesome.

Milano with a Divisional Round sack for a loss of two

Our third clip highlighting the virtue of patience. Milano spyed Joe Burrow. When Ed Oliver was about to hit home Burrow took off. It was a true “pick your poison” moment as Milano was waiting.