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Buffalo Bills Highlight Hype Machine: CB Kaiir Elam

Sophomore slump? Nah, sophomore superb is the expectation

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

In the 2022 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills selected cornerback Kaiir Elam in Round 1. Widely expected to see plenty of action, he...often didn’t. While this was a bit confusing to many of us, Elam flashed the athleticism and competitive fire that led to his selection in the first round. Will his sophomore season be a triumph? The Hype Machine is here to suggest “yes!”

Kaiir Elam defends the pass vs. Titans

In an early season test, Kaiir Elam was beat early off the line and needed to catch up quickly to disrupt a timing pass. A well-placed hand did exactly that. Take note that Elam had his back turned to the quarterback and had to react to the hands of the target for timing purposes.

Kaiir Elam’s INT vs. Steelers

By no means is this the best pass, sailing a bit and falling short. Kaiir Elam had eyes backward while still placing himself in respectable coverage. Because he was looking back, he was able to high-point for the pick.

Elam’s INT vs. Chiefs

Pressure by Boogie Basham (after a bunch of other pressure) led to a regrettable pass from Patrick Mahomes. The jump ball in the end zone was well covered. Kaiir Elam was in the best position to come down with the ball, which of course he did.

Elam defends the pass vs. Dolphins (regular season)

Covering Tyreek Hill is never fun. Elam got a little bit of a jam in on the line. From there he had to keep pace with Hill on his route. Elam shadowed Hill and got a hand in to break up the pass.

Elam’s TFL vs. Dolphins (regular season)

Here we have a great example of doing your 1/11 on defense. The Miami Dolphins tried to create some chaos at the bottom of the screen. Elam stayed on his assignment (Hill) and was right there to make a tackle for a loss.

Elam’s INT vs. Dolphins (Wild Card)

Similar to the interception above, Elam had eyes on the ball. The floating pass was easy pickings.

Elam defends the pass vs. Dolphins (Wild Card)

Finally, we have a defended pass that looks kind of like it’s nothing more than luck. The ball bounced off Tyreek Hill’s hands and nearly ended up in Elam’s. Note that Elam again caused some disruption at the line. He was also tight to Hill for most of the route. While Hill hitting the brakes did create some separation, the timing had been thrown off enough to make this a tougher catch.