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Takeaways from Bills OC Ken Dorsey’s presser on Day 2 of training camp

Dorsey revealed some key points when he met with the media

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Day 2 of Buffalo Bills training camp, and prior to practice, offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey spoke with the media.

Buffalo’s offense last season was dominant, but not at the right time. At the end of the regular season, the Bills finished second in yards per game with 397.6, fourth in total points with 455, and second in points per game averaging 28.4. However, as the season went on, the offense became predictable. In the playoffs against the Cincinnati Bengals last season, the Bills only put up 10 points on the offensive side of the ball — way below their season average. They finished that game with 328 yards of offense, which again was below their season average.

Here are some takeaways from Dorsey’s press conference today.

Ken Dorsey feels comfortable

Dorsey needs to have a big season as a play-caller, and going into his second year, he knows that.

“...For me personally as a play-caller and developing an offense, I really feel like that the more exposure you get to it, the more experience you get to it, the more things come naturally,” Dorsey explained. “The more situations that come up that now you’ve got that experience and then you can rely on that and just easily react when these things happen instead of having to sit there and process it for a second...”

A more comfortable Dorsey heading into year two would be big for the Bills offense.

Who replaces Nyheim Hines?

With the loss of running back Nyheim Hines to a torn ACL in his left knee, Dorsey is confident with what they have behind him, and believes guys can fill roles.

“I’m very confident in the guys that we have,” Dorsey said. “We have a great group, and we’ll be able to fill some of those things that he did so well whether it’s with a receiver, tight end, or another running back.”

The Bills signed running back Darrynton Evans three days ago, and he has gotten some opportunity both days of camp returning punts. Wide receiver Deonte Harty, a former All-Pro punt returner in 2019, has gotten the most opportunity in the first two days of camp fielding punts.

Can Gabe Davis show versatility?

Wide receiver Gabe Davis has been inconsistent with the Bills, but one thing he has been good at is hauling in the deep ball and making the big plays. Last year against the Pittsburgh Steelers and in 2021 against the Kansas City Chiefs comes to mind.

Dorsey was asked if Davis can show more versatility this year, and get some receptions underneath. Dorsey believes it can be a possibility, and something the team is aware of.

“...I think it’s something that we will continue to look at, and make sure throughout the course of the season you just don’t give them that run of making sure a guys just doing one specific thing,” Dorsey said. “I just really believe that, especially when you talk about the passing game, it’s important to attack on all levels of the field, whether it’s short, intermediate, or deep. I think that’s something Gabe can do, and we will continue to grow that role and make sure he’s apart of that...”

Davis can take a big step forward if the fourth-year wideout can show his versatility and make plays all over the field.

Rookie tight end Dalton Kincaid’s impact

Tight end Dalton Kincaid made an impact on the first day of training camp, and is looking to keep that positive momentum moving forward.

Dorsey was asked about his role, and what to expect from the rookie tight end.

“... Obviously, there’s a vision for him. There’s a clear way we see him and the way we want to utilize him,” Dorsey explained. “But, I think the biggest thing is you don’t want to skip steps in a players’ development more-so than anything. To rush that and not let him learn the foundation of the offense and the core of who we are would be doing him and us a disservice. I think he’s made great strides. He continues to grow. In terms of smart, tough, and dependable football players, he’s shown every bit of that throughout this process thus far...”

Being a first-round pick, expectations are high for Kincaid, but so far, he’s looking every bit of the part.

James Cook an every-down back?

Running back James Cook was a valuable piece to the Bills’ offense in 2022, and is looking to take a step forward heading into his sophomore season.

Dorsey is excited about Cook, and what he can do for their offense in 2023.

“He just continues to grow and grow,” Dorsey said. “I’m really excited about the experience he picked up last year and kind of just the way we evolved into a more of a two-man approach last year between him and Devin, and just the growth you saw because of that. I think we’re really excited about him and what he can do and the versatility that he has and the ability to have a guy with that type of versatility that’s an every-down back I think is very helpful...”

Big things for Cook heading into year two.