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Bills Dawson Knox on rookie TE Dalton Kincaid: “His personality is just awesome”

Dawson Knox was made available to the media after Day 2 of Bills camp — and he spoke highly of teammate Dalton Kincaid

NFL: Buffalo Bills Minicamp Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Dawson Knox has a new partner-in-crime in the tight end room. Buffalo Bills first-round pick Dalton Kincaid has had an excellent first two days of training camp. Yesterday, Kincaid beat linebacker Matt Milano for a touchdown, and followed that up with another solid day today, beating newly acquired safety Taylor Rapp for a 40+ yard gain.

After practice, Knox spoke with the media, and his relationship with Kincaid is off to a great start.

“His personality is just awesome. He fits right in with our culture, with our room,” Knox said. “He’s a type of guy you would want to hang out with outside of football too. I could see us being friends regardless of being on the same team. He’s just a stand-up guy, got great character, you can tell he was raised the right way, has all the right values. It’s really hard not to like a guy like that, so he’s been great.”

With Knox being drafted in 2019, he’s now considered a veteran in the NFL, and for the Bills. Knox spoke on Kincaid and what the process has been like for him since becoming a Bill.

“You always gotta tell rookies you kinda gotta sit back, take it all in. You can’t act like you got it all figured out right off the bat even if you’re a first-rounder, so he’s done an unbelievable job,” Knox explained. “He’s always asking what he can do for the room. He picks us up snacks, brings you coffee without you asking him. He’s just that type of guy. He wants to make sure he’s doing all the right things. He’s always early; always one of the last ones to leave. I don’t think anybody on the team can say a bad thing about him.”

The Bills have yet to have a dynamic tandem like Knox and Kincaid. That comes with a challenge of learning to play on the field at the same time. Knox isn’t worried.

“He’s already a very natural route-runner. great feel for the defense, great hands. He’s shifty. He’s got some good speed,” Knox said. “I think his route-running capability is already pretty incredible for being a rookie. Sometimes, we’ll both go in the box and we’ll start running the ball. And then, if they bring in an extra linebacker, we’ll spread us out and we’ll attack some mismatches. I’m super excited what that brings because we haven’t had a ton of that in the past, but its been really fun being on the field out there at the same time as him.”

The hype for the first-round pick will continue to grow if he is able to stack days like this as training camp moves forward. Buffalo’s offense missed that safety net over the middle last year, and Kincaid has every opportunity to be that guy.