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2024 NFL Hall of Fame: Buffalo Bills Steve Tasker fails to advance to Senior finalist

At what point in time will Steve Tasker be included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Oakland Raiders v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills special teams ace Steve Tasker won’t be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2024

A Bills Wall of Famer, Tasker was arguably the greatest special teams player ever in the NFL. Yet on Thursday, Tasker was once again denied advancement — failing to be ushered through as one of the 12 Semifinalists for inclusion in the Seniors and Coaches/Contributors category by the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s 12-person Seniors Committee .

A seven-time Pro Bowler who played in the NFL for 14 years, Tasker’s HOF pursuit has been arduous. Tasker was a modern-era finalist nine times. His final bid to join the Hall in that capacity came during voting for the Class of 2021. Now, at age 61, and having retired after the 1997 season, Tasker will remain eligible within the Seniors category.

Should Tasker make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he would become the first special teams coverage player to receive the nomination. His career speaks for itself, and he played the role like no one before or after him. Tasker changed the way teams played and prepared for special teams. There is no shortage of former and current greats who believe he belongs in the Hall.

Yet Tasker’s ascendance to the Pro Football Hall of Fame remains elusive.

At some point in time, his nomination is likely to be more intensely considered by the Hall’s voting committee. Until that day, Bills Mafia can only continue banging the drum for what far too many outsiders neglect to recognize in Tasker: Greatness, personified.

After retiring from the NFL, Steve Tasker worked as a broadcaster for national and regional network NFL game broadcasts. Currently, Tasker co-hosts “One Bills Live” with Chris Brown on the Bills Radio Network.