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Buffalo Rumblings weekly vidcast & podcast roundup (6/26-7/2)

Catch up on all this week’s podcast and vidcast content!

The Buffalo Rumblings vidcast and podcast network has you covered every day! We have something for all of you. Be sure to tune in to get all the offseason Buffalo Bills content you know you need!

Here’s a roundup of everything that aired this week.


Breaking Buffalo Rumblings Podcast

On this week’s episode of BBR, the discussion starts around the contract extensions for head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane. After that our listeners weighed in on the positional battle they’re focused on — with the MLB position being the clear-cut winner.
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Leading the Charge – (English)

Fernando Schmude is back with his “Leading the Charge,” where he analyzed Sean McDermott’s tenure with the Bills.
Leading the Charge with Fernando Schmude is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms. His shows are in Portuguese and English.
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Code of Conduct

It’s the boring part of the offseason, so why not give in to all the drama and tea around the NFL? Are the Bills’ drama days behind them? Tee Estell from Built In Buffalo joins the show to discuss.
Code of Conduct is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
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Jamie D & Big Newt

While it’s a slow time of year in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills made news by giving both head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane contract extensions. With some fans wondering if the Bills made the right decision hosts Jamie D’Amico and big Chris Newton discuss.

Jamie D and Big Newt is a Buffalo Bills fan podcast that you can catch every other week in the offseason, & every week during the season.
Get in touch with them on Twitter at @TheJamieDamico and @Big_Newt.

The Chop Up

Buffalo Bills All Pro Safety Jordan Poyer canceled his charity golf tournament over the weekend and went live on IG to discuss. The Chop Up Crew breaks it all down.
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The Bruce Exclusive Podcast

On this episode of “The Bruce Exclusive” Bruce tackles both sides of the conversation surrounding the extensions for the Buffalo Bills’ current “McBeane” regime. Bruce discusses the verbiage surrounding the term “hot seat” and how we need to be specific with our words moving forward when conversing on it.
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The Mafia Cast

The Mafia Cast team covers the Buffalo Bills news as we begin to look ahead to training camp in July.
The Mafia Cast is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media and vidcast platforms.
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Ajay’s Analysis

In this episode of Ajay’s Analysis, Ajay is joined by Bruce Exclusive. They look at the Bills’ 53-man roster and predict what it may look like come the end of training camp.
Ajay’s Analysis is on all Buffalo Rumblings social media, vidcast, and podcast platforms.
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Not Another Buffalo Podcast

This week on Not Another Buffalo Podcast, Brando and Jon further explore the narratives popping up around the extensions of Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott. With 2 years left on his current deal, some fans are left wondering why the extension was necessary this offseason.

Not Another Buffalo Podcast is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
Follow them on Twitter @NotBuffPodcast, Pat Caprio @Real_Pat_Cap, Jonathan Korzelius @Yukon222, and Brandon Habermas @haber028!


The Buff Hub Podcast

In this episode, Buff speaks about the potential the new players on this roster have and what impact they could have this season. The Buff Hub Podcast is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
Follow your host Steve Vega on Twitter @buffhub!


Billieve Podcast

Heading into the 2023 season, Buffalo Bills have one of the strongest rosters in the NFL. As a result, most positions are settled even before training camp begins. Host Jamie D’Amico names the three players he thinks are most likely to break out this season and explains why. He also tells you which three Buffalo Bills he doesn’t believe will have noteworthy seasons.

Billieve is on all Buffalo Rumblings podcast platforms.
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