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2024 NFL Draft Summer Spotlight: Florida State WR Keon Coleman

A high-upside transfer receiver gets his shine

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills appear to have settled the waters after feathers were ruffled earlier in the offseason when star wide receiver Stefon Diggs didn’t show up for day one of mandatory minicamp in June. Keeping one of your all-world players happy is something you’d assume is of major importance. That has proven to pass with time, but it’s still something worthy of noting regardless.

Fourth-year veteran Gabe Davis is now entering a contract year where he has produced at a very nice clip on a contending team — an important note in and of itself about the ludicrous amount he could demand on the open market. That’s not to say the Bills won’t re-sign Davis, but it’s another point worthy of taking note of and keeping in the back of your mind with the season just over a month away.

The 2024 wide receiver class looks very promising early in the process. Yes — the Bills just added high-level pass catcher Dalton Kincaid to the tight end position, but replacing a true X-receiver like Davis isn’t so simple. That replacement starter at “X” has to come from somewhere off the current roster. The 2024 Draft has a good amount of size in it at the receiver position, which could lend itself well if the Bills find themselves in the market again.

One college player generating plenty of buzz this offseason for his transfer from Big 10’s Michigan State to potential College Football Playoff contender Florida State is Keon Coleman. At 6’4”, Coleman is likely a general unknown commodity to the NFL fan who doesn’t pay too much attention to the NFL Draft that’s still nine months away. But Coleman is a name you need to know going into 2023 as a physical specimen.

Coleman is a player who was teamed up with fellow early round draft selection Jayden Reed the past couple of seasons. Coleman will now join forces with quarterback Jordan Travis and another physical specimen Johnny Wilson in 2023 to attempt to boost his draft stock even more.

Let’s dive into the film to see what Coleman brings to the table in 2023 and if he’s a fit for what the Bills are looking to do for the future. I watched games against Minnesota and Wisconsin from this past season.

Keon Coleman Scouting Report

Coleman came out of high school as a blue-chip recruit who had previously been a Kansas commit prior to flipping to and enrolling with Michigan State. Coleman wanted to potentially play blue blood basketball while also playing football as well. Coleman played some regular-season games for the Spartans and Tom Izzo before refocusing his energy completely into football heading into his sophomore season. Coleman burst onto the scene and hit the transfer portal after a successful season of college football for the Spartans. Coleman will play his junior season at Florida State where he’s expected to continue his progression as a big, imposing athlete on the outside.


  • Very fluid athlete for his size (6’4”, 215 pounds) who is a high-potential “X” target
  • Former basketball high flyer who received real minutes on Michigan State basketball team
  • Vertical stem is strong where he can snap off hooks and comebacks or push vertically with his burst and physicality
  • Natural ball winner who shows off basketball background to gain the upper hand in contested situations


  • Could afford to be a bit better with spacial awareness to find the soft spots of zone
  • Because of sheer size, the wiggle isn’t all the way there; lack of it after the catch and throughout his routes; twitchy but not “wiggly” to consistently get separation on a full route tree
  • After-the-catch ability remains a question mark; didn’t get a ton of opportunity in this department but would not call it a strength of his based on 2022 tape
  • Needs to show he has proven ability to generate separation as a target in 2023 with a more suitable offense and quarterback to distribute

Why Keon Coleman Fits the Bills

Coleman is such an intriguing prospect with a fantastic athletic background to boot. He went from throwing down 360 dunks on the hardwood to becoming one of the biggest physical specimens in the country at the receiver position. Coleman is seemingly just scratching the surface of his potential as he continues to carry over his basketball traits to the field.

Coleman needs to show continued improvement as a route runner to solidify himself as a high draft pick, but it’s certainly within the range of outcomes that his production explodes this season with a Florida State offense that’s slated to be one of the best in the country in 2023. The Bills need a true “X” receiver with some juice, and Coleman offers just that. Keep an eye on Coleman’s ability to separate from coverage and ability after the catch this season to see if he is taking the next step