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Buffalo Bills Highlight Hype Machine: Micah Hyde

Let’s get psyched for Hyde’s return this season!

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

Buffalo Rumblings is no stranger to highlights and unabashed hype, but for the 2023 season, what better way to deliver that than a series of Buffalo Bills player hype pieces. First off is safety Micah Hyde. Why Micah Hyde? A great way to build hype is to talk about how much a team will improve in a coming season. Appearing in only two games in last year’s campaign, the return of Micah Hyde should elevate the defensive backfield’s performance. Let’s remind ourselves how awesome Hyde is!

2022 Season

For this past season there aren’t the traditional big plays to highlight, but that gives us a moment to appreciate the finer details of Micah Hyde. Here on third down, Hyde started off in what appeared to be man coverage. With the ball heading away from Hyde, there was a risk he’d commit to his first assignment and miss the ball. That’s less of a concern with a player of Hyde’s caliber who sees the play immediately, shed away from where he could be blocked, and drove down to make the stop.

A lot of fans worry about how Buffalo plays the run on defense. While some concerns are valid no matter what, the Bills always have a better chance with Hyde on the field. The big highlight here is the timing. Hyde calculated this well and slowed down the back enough to prevent a likely touchdown.

2021 Season

We want some bigger highlights though, don’t we? Sure this was the result of a lot of “right place, right time” but Micah Hyde was quick to react — not just making the catch either. He secured the ball, and immediately lowered his shoulder to drive through Tyreek Hill and turn a great play into an epic one. I should add too, that being in the right place is not just luck. Whether it’s a tackle, a pass breakup, an interception, or other timely play; Hyde has a knack for finding the right place.

The perfect game on offense was a lot sweeter thanks to an incredible defensive performance to pair with it. This play should need no introduction and if you ever get sick of watching this, you might be on the wrong site.

2019 Season

Let’s not forget that Hyde is a frequent contributor on special teams too. The Bills just needed to get the ball. With under two minutes to go and Miami out of timeouts, Buffalo could have run out the clock. Micah Hyde took it a step further and made it a two-score game.