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Buffalo Bills Highlight Hype Machine: RB James Cook

Let’s flip to offense for the ongoing hype machine!

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

With the departure of one Devin “Motor” Singletary, the Buffalo Bills will have a new lead running back when the 2023 season kicks off. One of the names to watch of course is James Cook, the second-year man who was second fiddle to Singletary last season. While Cook didn’t have the most touches, he had some electrifying ones. That, of course, is what the hype train brings you today!

Cook’s 33-yard run versus Tennessee Titans

Sure, Buffalo was up big and maybe the Titans weren’t as “into” the game as they could have been. But when the score is 41-7 in the final quarter, it’s not like the Bills were putting in maximum effort either. Well maybe James Cook was. There was a shot at stopping this play short of the marker, but Cook easily slipped the one-arm tackle attempt. Cook followed Reggie Gilliam’s lead block and gave the remaining fans in the stands something to cheer for.

Cook’s 41-yard catch-and-run versus Green Bay Packers

With Josh Allen on the run, James Cook kept an eye on his quarterback while running his route. There was a moment where it looked like he was calling for the ball and, as we can see, he knew what he had. The big talking point here is Cook’s ability to decelerate and stay in bounds. Not just skirting the line, but actually turning it back inside to break some ankles and get more yards.

Cook’s touchdown versus Miami Dolphins

Touchdowns are what we want to see in this highlight series, right? Here, Cook worked back to the right side as Allen was forced to the sideline. There was just enough of a window to turn this catastrophe into a highlight.

Cook’s touchdown versus Pittsburgh Steelers

The change of direction is a big story again here, with James Cook shaking out defenders on multiple cuts. On the pause, you can see Cook adjust his body position just enough to avoid getting tripped on the shoestring tackle.

Cook’s touchdown versus Chicago Bears

The Bills aren’t anything without teamwork. Josh Allen called for a touchdown well before it happened. Stefon Diggs gave the rookie a little “boost” into the end zone for good luck.