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Buffalo Bills LB Tyrel Dodson focus of another heated argument

Dodson’s intensity appears through the roof right now

Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Another day of Buffalo Bills practice, another heated exchange involving linebacker Tyrel Dodson. After yesterday’s explosive session, quarterback Josh Allen played it off as typical intensity at this time of the year. Players are anxious to find out their roster fates and ready to face other teams.

However minor or typical what happened on Tuesday was, it certainly appeared as though what transpired annoyed QB17. To his credit, Allen’s charismatic nature seemed to imply this was no big deal, but then news again came out via Alex Brasky on Wednesday that Dodson was observably heated and barking towards an unidentified offensive player. Left Tackle Dion Dawkins “took exception,” and made certain to inform Dodson just how he felt, which was frustrated.

Brasky noted that head coach Sean McDermott had to step in, taking time to speak one-to-one with Tyrel Dodson.

Dodson is currently in a battle to win the team’s starting MIKE linebacker role, which includes Terrell Bernard (dealing with hamstring injury), Baylon Spector, and A.J. Klein.

This week has shown much of Bills Mafia an intensity about Tyrel Dodson the likes of which they weren’t aware prior. Time will tell if that bodes well for Dodson and the Bills’ defense on the field this season.