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Analysis of Buffalo Bills OG O’Cyrus Torrence from preseason Week 1

Will Torrence win the right guard position battle?

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills got back into game action with their first NFL preseason game of 2023, posting a 23-19 victory versus the Indianapolis Colts. One of the biggest position battles during preseason has been at right guard. All eyes have been on 2023 second-round draft pick O’Cyrus Torrence and last year's starter Ryan Bates. Torrence got the nod to start the game at right guard, so let's take a look at how he did.

Play 1

Torrence is assigned with a combo block on this play. He starts off double-teaming the defensive tackle with offensive tackle Spencer Brown, and then moves to the second level to block the linebacker. Torrence and Brown effectively move the line of scrimmage, pushing the DT back into the second level. Torrence comes off a little late and doesn’t get a good block on the linebacker, who ultimately makes the tackle. The double team was very effective and was likely the reason they gained positive yardage on this play, but Torrence could have better-executed the second half of the combo block.

Play 2

Torrence is on the receiving end of a solid initial punch from the DT, which results in him getting stood up a little bit. To his credit, Torrence recovers well by dropping his center of gravity and setting his anchor.

Play 3

Another pass-blocking set here by Torrence. This time Torrence misses his initial punch, which causes his left arm to go too wide. This allows his chest to become wide open for the DT to take advantage. The Colts defender does a nice job of using that open chest to get Torrence off balance, but Torrence does an excellent job of recovering and re-engaging the block. Torrence’s wide base and strong foundation allow him to keep the pocket intact.

Play 4

Torrence doesn’t do anything particularly spectacular in this play, but I like how he “finds work.” He first secures the block with the center and then looks to go help the tackle with his block.

Play 5

Torrence wasn’t touted as the quickest mover during the NFL Draft process, but he showed an adequate amount on this play. He’s able to reach block a DT who is in an outside shade on the center, and then Torrence opens a big hole for the running back.

Play 6

You can see the type of power Torrence possess when watching this play. He throws a quick chip block on the DT to help his center. This quick block knocks the DT back and allows the center to get into a better position. Then Torrence moves to the second level and lays a nice hit on the LB.

In summary

O’Cyrus Torrence made a solid NFL preseason debut, and certainly didn’t do anything to hurt his chances of being named the starter. He’s a pile mover in the run game and consistently looked comfortable in pass protection. Torrence will continue his quest to become the starting right guard for the Buffalo Bills this week in the team’s road preseason matchup versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.