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Bills vs. Steelers: Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs will make their preseason debuts

Allen and the starters will get over a quarter of warmup time

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Perhaps the most pressing preseason question that gets asked is whether or not star players like Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen will see any action. The second most pressing question is “how much?” Head coach Sean McDermott answered both of these questions while talking to media on Thursday in preparation for the Preseason Week 2 tilt against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

You’ve likely guessed the first answer from the headline, but to make it 100% clear, here’s the head coach’s quote on the matter: “As far as playtime goes, the starters will play around a quarter and a half, give or take, and we’ll go from there.” As for the motivation behind the decision, McDermott added “Simply put, it’s to get them ready for the season.”

Sean McDermott also referenced that this was different than last year’s decision, which saw Allen on the field for a single drive of six snaps in Week 2 of the preseason. The rest of the starters saw a few more snaps than Allen.

McDermott expanded on his decision for this season by stating he’s “...just trying to do right by the players and get them ready to go for Week 1.” Per McDermott “You want to get them ready, in as much dress rehearsals as you can put them in to make sure that they’re ready to go.”