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Buffalo Bills need OL, LB help, signing RB Ty Johnson instead

Make it make sense

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills appear set to sign free-agent running back Ty Johnson, who previously played for the New York Jets. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reported the news, stating that Johnson’s signing could serve to fill the role of running back Nyheim Hines, who was lost for the season earlier this summer.

This is by no means a referendum on Ty Johnson, nor his ability as a running back and potential to help the Bills. But, seriously? Maybe I’m just a bit spicy on a Monday afternoon following an atrocious preseason outing by head coach Sean McDermott’s football team.

With players at running back like James Cook, Damien Harris (who will be ready before long), Latavius Murray, and even Darrynton Evans — how much will Johnson’s signing impact the RB room?

Or consider wide receivers Khalil Shakir, Andy Isabella, Trent Sherfield, and Deonte Harty. Those are all guys who one would expect to see far more opportunities returning the football. If Johnson’s role is to replace that of Hines, then one would also expect that he’s going to be featured on some level in the passing game and as a return man.

A quick glance at his career stats with both the Detroit Lions and Jets, reveals his primary role as a depth player — though he has made some hay as an outlet-valve receiver (86 receptions for 668 yards with four touchdowns).

No, Johnson’s signing doesn’t preclude the Bills from also making moves to add an OT and/or LB (or several at each position). Perhaps the timing, the announcement... they’re both incredible misfortunes of timing.

The reasoning behind the signing is commendable, and it’s very possible the Bills are giving him a chance to showcase his talents ahead of roster cut downs.