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FOCO Buffalo Bills Josh Allen BigHead with Spinner Base

FOCO FTW with another cool collectible

If you’re like me, when it comes to fandom you want people to know it. I leave my house with no fewer than three Buffalo Bills logos on my person at all times. Some of this is my own doing (house key, Leatherman case). Some is the work of thoughtful gift givers (wallet). Whether you’re a collector or a giver though, fandom can be an eternal quest for cool loot.

FOCO’s latest addition to the cool loot department is the limited-release Josh Allen BigHead Bobble with spinner base. This release has our beloved QB1 in Buffalo Bills blue. But Skare! I already HAVE a Josh Allen BigHead Bobble. What makes this one special? I’m glad I asked myself that question as if I were a hypothetical reader.

This iteration of the BigHead Bobble has a spinner base, so you can display your very own Bobble Joshy in its full three-dimensional glory! Between the ability to show off all his...ahem...assets thanks to the spinner base, the 9.5” collectible will stand out in your display.

As they tend to be, this is part of a limited-edition release. This particular item is part of a gross collection, in that there will be 144 made. And if one ends up in my straw hands, that means there’s only 143 left for all of you. Spinny Bobble Joshy is available for pre-order now with this handy link. Will this be the best $75 investment you’ve ever made? Darned if I know, I’m not scouring your financials to make that call. But it is a cool collectible for Bills fans.

If bobbleheads aren’t your thing, here’s the link to the full Buffalo Bills collection from FOCO.

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