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FOCO Buffalo Bills Stefon Diggs Mini BigHeads Ltd. Ed. bobble

Big presence in a mini package

When the latest Buffalo Bills jerseys drop as the new season gets underway, palpable excitement builds for many Buffalo Bills fans. But why is it such a big deal? Football is a game we love and part of that love is opening up our wallets/accounts and shelling out some dough to prove it. Most of us are guilty of buying Bills fan gear, decor, and collectables — and FOCO just dropped an item that might make it onto some of our wish lists.

To be fair, I don’t know how many wish lists this will land on, but I do know that the number of “wants” is likely to exceed the number of “gets.” The Stefon Diggs Mini BigHeads bobble is limited to just 96 units. The pint-sized Diggsy bobble measures in at 4.5”, which is less than half the height of the typical BigHead bobble. He’s so tiny! That means the home uni-wearing, in-stride, Stefon Diggs would make a good addition for fans looking for something to decorate the office or if you’re running out of space on your shelves at home.

Some might even see an opportunity for a mini Diggs to land on their dashboard.

Available for pre-order now, the smaller bobble also comes at a smaller price of $25. FOCO’s official listing points out the hand-painted and handcrafted nature of their bobbles. If you’re more into testimonials, you may remember I have an Allen one from FOCO and will personally tell you that these are not cheap, lightweight plastic.

And hey, maybe this isn’t your thing. FOCO has a ton of items for Bills fans. Here’s the link to the full Buffalo Bills collection.

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