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SB Nation Reacts: Are the Bills destined for big things in 2023?

They’ll need to bring their A game every week, if it’s the case

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we asked Buffalo Rumblings readers their thoughts on how the Buffalo Bills will fare in the 2023 NFL season. Buffalo has a tremendously challenging schedule, and it begins right out of the gate when they face the rival New York Jets. Most Bills fans agree that the Jets were the team’s toughest opponent last season. But they’re not the only troublesome divisional foe. The AFC East has the early look of a very difficult division, with no less than three teams serious contenders for the postseason.

With the success Buffalo’s had in recent seasons by winning the AFC East the last three years, it might seem a forgone conclusion they’ll continue their winning ways. But in the NFL, winning comes at a price — especially as the division leader, where you face the best teams outside your division the following year... and have to contend with the scheduling “luck” that pairs opposing conference divisions each season, in a four-year cycle. Incredibly, the AFC East will face the NFC East this year. Why incredible? A quick look at the teams and players reveals a wealth of talent and potential adversity for each and every team. Every week.

All told, the Bills will have to earn every victory they claim in 2023. Doing so, and successfully, should prepare them well for a substantial run in the playoffs. But let’s hold off any further discussions about such things for now.

So how did the vote turn out for Bills Mafia? Is there nervous hesitancy to believe they’ll start off on a the right foot, or are most fans confident in the team’s chances out of the gate?

Everything’s coming up Millhouse...

Bills fans show up, for all things all the time. I was informed that our poll was one of the most active, highest-participation polls this week. The Mafia’s ready, they’re excited — and they’re looking to make a statement in 2023.

And I believe the results above are realistic. Most voters believe they could finish anywhere from 10-7 to 12-5, while a decent percentage also think the sky’s the limit with no less than a 13-4 finish this season.

Fans are buying in, embracing the changes made to the roster, in an effort to improve those players around Josh Allen — such that he won’t be asked to play Superman as often. But Allen’s one-man show is must-see TV. The same can be said of Stefon Diggs. While many things have changed at One Bills Drive, the biggest constant is the connection between QB1 and WR1: 17+14 = 6.

Only time can tell if those teams perceived as a threat end up that way this season, including the Bills. Games pegged as wins or losses could flip depending on a multitude of factors over the course of 18 weeks. Buckle up, Bills Mafia, it’s bound to be a crazy season!

On the national level, voters were asked to pick the best game in NFL Week 1. Football fans should be in for a treat when the Bills and Jets take the field under the celebratory lights of Monday Night Football. Perhaps to little surprise, the most popular choice is Bills-Jets. It would seem that the league and network got it right to start the season.

Meanwhile, a national poll asking voters to make their picks for Week 1 finds favor with the Bills:

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