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FOCO Buffalo Bills BigHeads of QBs Past, Present, and Future featuring Jim Kelly and Josh Allen

That’s right, more Christmas references today

Josh Allen Bobble bighead running

Are you excited about football tonight? I mean sure, there was football yesterday and last Thursday. But we all know there’s football, and there’s BUFFALO BILLS FOOTBALL! The latter always warrants caps lock. If you’re excited about BUFFALO BILLS FOOTBALL (sorry, I’ll stop doing that), it’s likely in large part due to the man under center, aka “The Quarterback.” Perhaps you’re excited enough to celebrate with a new collectible honoring this person.

As you’ve likely caught on by now, FOCO is an official partner of SB Nation (see disclaimer below but I’ll reinforce that Rumblings retains discretion). FOCO has brought their “A Game” for the Bills Week 1 by bringing you BigHead Bobbles to celebrate the QB of Buffalo Past (Jim Kelly), Present (Josh Allen), and Future (also Josh Allen thankfully). I’ll be talking about a few bobbles this time around, but if you want to skip my spiel you can pre-order now with this handy link. If you’re not quite convinced yet, check out the gallery I made for you below as well as some additional pertinent details.

Whether you’re looking for your own Bobble Joshy because you can’t have mine, or you’re looking for a blast from the past, both Allen and Kelly bobbles come in the standard BigHead size of 9.5”. Perfect for a centerpiece on your shelf. Or to keep your other bobbles happy.

The latest Josh Allen has him grinning as he runs down the field, probably to hurdle over some poor joker. Allen is bedecked in his home jersey with white pants. And sure the play was blown dead already because he lost his helmet, but we’re not here to parse the rules on the limited-edition collectible of 144.

Jim Kelly doesn’t need to worry about the helmet thing as he played before that rule was changed. For Kelly you can choose between home uniform (different stripes from Allen to reflect the different era) or the variant away in all whites. Like Allen, the home version is limited to 144. If you’re into the variant look, be warned that this series is limited to 72 units.

I know, we’ve been pushing the bobbles pretty hard — but they’re fun and some of the nicest quality you can find in this segment. The link above should bring you to the full FOCO collection. There’s plenty of non-bobblin’ Bills fun.

FOCO is an official partner of SB Nation and Buffalo Rumblings staff may receive compensation for these articles. Buffalo Rumblings is not however, obligated to promote items. If you see it here, it’s something we feel our readers might be interested in.