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Bills QB Josh Allen takes blame for Buffalo’s “MNF” loss

Three interceptions and a lost fumble headlined the season opener for the Bills quarterback

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

When the Buffalo Bills took the field at MetLife stadium last night, expectations were high for the team to come out and redeem themselves after last season’s playoff loss in the divisional round, Hopes for a new season, a new chance to make a Super Bowl run. But instead, the Bills picked up right where they left off — playing uninspired.

“This feels eerily similar to last year and I hate that it’s the same,” quarterback Josh Allen said after the Bills’ 22-16 loss that was led by his four turnovers. “It sucks when you feel like you’re the reason — and I am the reason we lost tonight.”

Allen, who leads the NFL in turnovers since he entered the league in 2018, threw three interceptions and lost a fumble (he had another one he recovered himself as well). He was quick to admit that the New York Jets have a good defense and he wasn’t taking anything away from the play of Jordan Whitehead who recorded all three interceptions on Monday Night Football.

“They have a heck of a defense,” Allen said, adding that Whitehead made a “heck of a good play” on more than one interception and that the Jets’ pass rush did a good job of disrupting things for the Bills’ offense. “That’s a good defense, but we can’t play two guys. Can’t play them and us, and I played us tonight.”

Throughout his postgame interview, Allen continued to look distraught and take blame for the entire debacle that resulted in the Bills blowing a 13-3 lead going into halftime.

“I hurt our team tonight,” he stated matter-of-factly. “Our offense had no quit tonight. Bass kicked a hell of a field goal and gave us a chance to win. I just didn’t execute. At the end of the day, I had a chance to win it.”

The Bills’ franchise quarterback said that he’s going to have to go watch tape and see all the decisions he didn’t make that cost his team a ball game — one that puts them at the bottom of the AFC East (yes, of course — it’s only Week 1, but division losses are meaningful). It’s going to be a short week with not much time to correct the mistakes that were made as the Bills host the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday afternoon. It’s imperative that the Bills heed Allen’s thoughts that they “can’t let this game turn into two.”

But for now, all of Bills Mafia is feeling the same as Josh Allen about football in 2023, “Same sh*t. Same place. Different day.”