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Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen was “out of control, ” per Dan Orlovsky

Losing sucks

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The stats weren’t incredible for either team, but glancing at them without knowing the score, one might believe the Buffalo Bills exited victorious. Until, they caught sight of the turnovers.

For the Bills to hold any opponent to one touchdown in regulation, it’s fair to assume that an offense led by Josh Allen should find more than enough opportunity to put plenty of points on the scoreboard. And opportunity was plenty — but instead of points, four drives ended in turnovers saddled to Allen.

Josh Allen doesn’t need to do it all himself, but he very well may be operating this way — having gotten used to it out of past necessity. There will be better days for Allen. Perhaps some of the best days are yet to come this year and beyond — for the team and one of the sport’s most faithful undying fan bases. But it’s okay to be ticked off about the loss from Monday night. You can be upset with Allen and still support him 100%. Should they win next Sunday, it will be just as important to refrain from getting too high off the steam of victory.

Until Allen works through whatever hurdle he’s currently unable to clear, there will be newfound growing pains with QB1.

Tuesday afternoon, Kay Adams posted an interview she did with Dan Orlovsky. While Orlovsky remains a huge fan of Allen as a player , he had some fairly strong words of advice he’d offer as Allen’s coach. In suggesting that Allen’s play was out of control against the Jets, Orlovsky would look Allen in the eyes and say:

“Bud we’ve gotta grow up. Look, we’ve gotta grow up, man. We can’t have this conversation all the time — when Aaron Rodgers goes down, there’s one chance, one way (we) lose that football game. And, for $250 million dollars, it can’t be because of you dude. And I understand that you think you’re great and you are — and you’re competitive — you are. I love all that. It’s why you’re great. We gotta grow up. We gotta handle this situation better.”

Orlovsky would go on to say the following:

“Kay, I have in my notebook re-watching the game last night — I have one, two, three.. I have seven clips where I’d describe him as out of control. You can’t have that.”

Orlovsky doubled down after catching Adams by surprise, and said:

“Out of control. Just — you’re completely out of control in the game. Your eyes are all over the place, your feet are all over the place, you’re running before you have to, you’re forcing the football down the field into double coverage again.”