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Opinion From the Field

It’s scarecrow vs. scarecrow, moderated by Skarekrow

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Hey all, last night’s Buffalo Bills game inspired me to try out something a little different. Will this be a regular thing? I’m not certain. It’ll be a “this game thing” for sure. What’s the deal then? There are plenty of opinions after every big game, but many Rumblers have come to trust the Skarecrow opinion. What if you could have several of them?

Opinion From the Field pits two scarecrows against each other in debate fashion, and is moderated by your favorite scarecrow, Skarekrow. It’s Kuebiko vs. Bubak in a football opinion brawl! Here’s a brief bio on your debaters before we dive in:

Kuebiko is a Japanese kami (like a spirit of demigod) known for his wisdom and kindness most commonly seen as a scarecrow giving advice. With a perch from the mountains or the fields, he sees all and knows all (or thinks he does).

Bubak is a European demon known for swiping naughty kids, eating souls, and occasionally making clothing from your skin. Ha ha! What a kooky guy. He can be found hiding in fields or near rivers and apparently watching Bills games.

Skarekrow: Welcome Kuebiko and Bubak to our first ever (and maybe last) “Opinion From the Field” debate.

Kuebiko: Thanks for having me!

Bubak: *Guttural growling and wild gestures*

Skarekrow: What was your overall impression of the Buffalo Bills at New York Jets game?

Bubak: ****ING BILLS CAN’T BEAT ZACH WILSON! WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING? Forget pigskin, next game’s played with Josh Allen skin!

Kuebiko: I think in isolation, each of the critical errors of the game are understandable and in the grand scheme not a major issue. However, that many in a single game was too much to overcome. While I understand the dismay of Bills fans, I think we should naturally assume that such a comedy of errors is unlikely to repeat itself again.

Bubak: This WAS the repeat! Bengals game again.

Kuebiko: That’s a bit unfair, the defense played better than they did against Cincinnati in the playoffs...

Bubak: Gonna kidnap your children [expletive laden rant]

Skarekrow: Yeah, on to the next question.

Skarekrow: I think we touched on it before, so let’s have everyone’s thoughts on the defense.

Bubak: 83-yard run... not even Breece Hall’s only highlight? Couldn’t stop a lamb with an electric fence! All you Frazier haters HAPPY NOW? McDermott D sucks, losing to Zach Wilson. Clearly took attention away from the rest of the job. Lose-lose situation!

Kuebiko: There are a few plays I think they’d like to have back but keeping an NFL offense to 16 points when your offense turns the ball over four times should be considered at least a pretty good game. And the Garrett Wilson touchdown was about as fluky as it gets. The coverage was excellent on it. I don’t think the defense was a problem at all.

Bubak: You wouldn’t. Pffft [more wild gestures]

Skarekrow: Alright, time for the elephant in the room. Josh Allen and the offense. Let’s have it.

Kuebiko: After taking another look at the turnovers, the first one was basically a punt. A really good one at that. That doesn’t mean I love it, but it was definitely not a major harm. That said, I think the decision-making from Josh Allen seemed to be questionable. It’s not a single game either with some worrying trends last season. The offensive line could have helped a bit more too. Stefon Diggs looked great. Dalton Kincaid looked very promising and I can’t wait to see more.

Bubak: Perfectly comfortable watching Allen. Every time I turn around he’s in a sack, waiting for his soul to be eaten. Nine QB hits didn’t knock any sense into him. Saw Diggs giving him a pep talk on the sideline. Glad they’re buddies again. Be better if they were successful coworkers. Best throw of the night to Knox nearly planted into the ground like corn.

Skarekrow: With Week 1 in the books, how are you feeling about the season?

Bubak: [Expletives] Something about the draft [growling] [more expletives] Fire everyone [expletives] [gnashing teeth]

Kuebiko: Quite a few teams struggled unexpectedly. A loss sets you back no matter what, but I still believe Buffalo has what it takes to be the team we all expected them to be.