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Skarey Movies: Josh Allen’s Interceptions vs. Jets

I hope this is the most Skarey movie all season

Well, the games that count have started. Unfortunately what they count so far has fans of the Buffalo Bills wanting. Mind you, Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals also botched their season openers, so at least Buffalo’s not behind the two AFC juggernauts. They’re just behind the less-than-juggernauts like the Zach Wilson-led New York Jets who they lost to on Monday Night Football.

To help explain that loss, Skarey Movies has an instructional movie that even the worst substitute in the world wouldn’t dare show you. But I will. Let’s examine Josh Allen’s interceptions.

For the readers in the audience, we go through each throw in-depth in the video. This is on the longer side for one of my episodes, which means it’s either chock full o’ information or dragged on needlessly long to accommodate my asthma. Just kidding, it’s both of course.

On interception one, I highlight a couple potentially better options — including the often cited “Why didn’t Allen just run it?” opinion. While I don’t rule out that possibility, I do explain why it’s not as simple as just saying that either. There was arguably a better throw left on the field on Allen’s first interception, as well. Ultimately, I think this is the toughest play of the three, and the end result was basically a kick-ass punt I can live with.

On interception two, I point out other options on the field. There were a couple better than the chosen path. And I insinuate that maybe just throwing the ball away would be preferable, as it was second down and the Bills could have been toying around with a field goal.

The final of the trio is the worst in my (sometimes) humble opinion. On 3rd & 2, there were two better throws to be made, though one may not have been where Allen was told to look. I also dissect the throw versus the decision and come away with the notion that both the throw and the decision could have been better.