Predict the Score! Week 2. Raiders v Bills

This is when it's hard to write this post. When we had all the momentum and lost a game that we shouldn't have had (and on a short week) And now I'm supposed to write a post that's light-hearted and slightly humorous? Ok. I'll try, for you my dear reader. I'll try, but my heart is heavy and may not be in it. Here is a brief recap of this contest last week, since I don't want to recap the Game. For the inaugural post of the year, we had 125 comments with 15 recs, which is about as high as this post goes, so thank you all, you're comments and gifs/memes, are always so great.


Obviously we have repeat posters in the comment section, and thanks to most of you for picking the Bills, it's easier to find the winner when there aren't so many people picking them. Brian987 and Overdue bills did however get closer to the real score than the fellow Jets guessers as they get the first real wall tag this year and we are one game in and already have one tie in this contest!! First, congrats Brian987. While this season has already counted down to takeoff, the Bills have yet to get off the ground. Overdue bills tied with Brian987 for the week, I guess he finally got the bill paid off so his internet can work for another month and he can keep on guessing! Congrats Overdue.



Week 2: Raiders V Bills

The rebuilding Raiders look to rebound this week against the Bills. But the Bills need to rebound as well, they have the home court advantage and are out for blood. Maybe I should have taken some lessons out that post about how Qbs fair after very public breakups. How's the weather going to be? 75, cloudy with a slight chance of rain. Josh Allen needs to have a strong bounceback game and keep in harmony with his teammates and coaches -- Vegas thinks he will as the Bills are a 9.5 point favorite to take this one, with an over/under of 47.

Bills 43 Raiders 11

Last week I put McDermott and Milano on the hype movie poster and Milano got a nice interception (wrong quarter and wrong outcome) And the defense still looked great (in spots). This week, I didn't mess around and gave the poster to JA17, and he responds with 388 passing, 5 TD's and only 1 turnover (still one to many...sigh). Josh Jacobs gashes the Bills for 283 yards rushing on his first 2 carries. His strong rushing game here, still isn't enough to get the job done.

Hype Poster

Look, I'm an eternal optimist, when life gives me sour grapes I make lemonade, The glass always gets refilled when it gets to the halfway point and so it is almost always way more than half-full. The Bills test my upbeat demeanor, but I'm willing to chalk the L up to first game weirdness and divine 9/11 energy to keep the Jets in that game, and hand them the win. Josh needs to find a way to tap into the positivity and and put his helmet on to keep that flowing main dry and sing in the rain...


Wall of Winners:

Week 1: Brian987 // Overdue bills

Well, I hope you all can tap into your own pints of positivity as this team is gonna end up 16-1 in the regular season, happy prognosticating!!

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