Unofficial Survivor Pool - STILL OPEN TO ALL!

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it: Week 1 was a weak one in a couple different ways.

But don’t despair, beleaguered Bills fans. Let’s pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, crack open a cold one, and look forward towards Week 2.

After starting this Unofficial Survivor Pool late last week (because I couldn’t login to join the official one,) a few more thoughts came to mind along with the few comments I received. So here’s the expanded plan for how this thing will move forward.

Since it’s unofficial and all for fun I’m hoping it can be all inclusive as much as possible. I’m thinking of the official pool as like a competitive 10K race sponsored by SB Nation and DraftKings. You have to register, get a number and pin it on your shirt, and you’ll wind up with an official digitally-measured time when you finish. There may even be anti-PED testing involved, who knows? The top finisher will get a check and a trophy. But this here pool will the 10K community fun run/walk sponsored by a neighborhood organization. Show up anytime you can during the event and participate for however long you want, in any way you want. Want to time yourself and run the whole thing? Knock yourself out. Want to run a 1K or 5K instead? Be our guest! Want to stop by on your lunch hour and walk a spell with some coworkers? We’re happy to help you get your steps in. No official times, just the honor system. No trophies or checks but there might be a potluck dinner or (if you’re really lucky) a beer tent set up by the VFW Post where you’re free to share bragging rights if that’s your thing.

Unofficial Survivor Pool "Methodology" (We’re too laid back to impose "rules"):

  • Season Play: "Technically" started Week 1 but 100% amnesty is being dispensed because of technical difficulties, not hearing about this pool until now, or because your rabid fandom of our hometown team left you no choice but to make a bold statement by picking them on the road against a top defense. Should they have won? Hell yes. But was it a big ask to pin the opening move of a survivor pool on it. Be honest… yeah, it was. So if you want to try and go the distance, it’s a 16-week season starting now, with bonus bragging rights for having a paper trail that shows your successful Week 1 pick posted someplace else.
  • "Stretch" Play: Start and/or finish playing on your own schedule. Came in late? The train’s rolling but we’ll extend a hand and help boost you onboard. We’d love it if you want ride to the end of the line but also understand if life events lead you to hop off when we slow down at that sharp bend on the outskirts of Albuquerque. Got an idea for a specific stretch of games? Share it here and maybe it’ll catch on. There will definitely be a "Turkey Day Parlay"…
  • Fun Play: Got a feeling about some random match-up or maybe a big upset pick? Share it here!!

The only "rule" is to have fun and keep the comments friendly. Come as you are and stay as long as you feel comfortable. What is/are your Week 2 pick(s)??…

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