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FOCO Josh Allen Bank Bobble

It’s not JUST a bank — get the details inside

Alright, this time FOCO has made the absolute perfect piece of memorabilia for 144 fans of the Buffalo Bills. This limited-edition collectible will celebrate your love of the game, your love of the team, your love of quarterback Josh Allen — and do all of this while being a useful item for any Bills fan. What could be so crucial? The Josh Allen Bank Bobblehead.

How could an 8” bobblehead warrant such a lofty description? I’m gonna level with you. I love Josh Allen. He’s the perfect quarterback for this team and its fans. I hope he’s playing for at least the next decade in Buffalo. That said, there are times when I can’t help but toss out a profanity or two when watching the game.

Foco bobble bank Josh allen

That’s right Bills fans. FOCO might call this product a “Josh Allen Bank Bobble” but we all know that’s just code for “Buffalo Bills swear jar.” Attractive centerpiece by day, useful method to monitor your profanity by game day. At the end of the season you can treat yourself to something nice with all the coins you’ve collected over the year.

Every cent put into the Buffalo Bills blue-colored vault will have you face-to-face with a smiling Josh Allen, which should also help level your emotions on game day. That grinning visage and the jingle of coins is a tangible reminder of the investment that Buffalo made in the team’s future with Allen as well as your own investment for the next rainy day.

Get your Bobble Joshy Bank or other cool Bills gear at this handy link.

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