Weekly League Stats - Updated with AFC East Stats

Greetings All!

I will post a copy of my stat sheets every week here for those interested in them. There will be two links to Google Docs files. The first one will be a league wide cumulative stat sheet updated it appears on Thursday as that is when Pro-Football-Reference gets the last of the Monday night advanced stats out. The second link will be to a more detailed AFC East file (I am fixing some formatting issues this week still so look for that next week).

There are some notes attached to the stat headings to explain some of the less main stream data.

I am still (and always) looking for bugs, so if you notice something that doesn't look right (out of place large numbers, no numbers where there likely should be one, etc) please let me know so I can go back and see if there was a formula mistake somewhere. Likewise with the rankings below the stats, if there is one where the ranks are reversed, please let me know so I can fix. I've been staring at these things all week and definitely getting bleary-eyed lol. If you are familiar with Google Docs, I allowed comments for those with the link, so you can note any issues you may find and let me know and I will go back and fix.

If anyone has any suggestions for a new stat to be included, feel free to let me know and I will see what I can do to get it added.

As mentioned above, below the stats you will find the corresponding ranking for each team. At the far right of the rankings you will find a group of rankings that rank the rankings (I know, I have a problem). It tallies up the number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place rankings (top 5) for each team and then totals them up and shows the final number as a percentage of the total statistical categories.

Feel free to comment within the document if you'd like, it won't affect my master off-line copy. Point out stats, possible errors, etc...

These spreadsheets have been a three year (at least) project for me now and have evolved every year to be more detailed and include more advanced stats and breakdowns. I hope you enjoy as much I do and bear with me while I continue to fine tune.

*Note I also inserted the link to open in a new window.

NFL League Stats After Week 1

Detailed WIP of NFL League Stats This is a larger file version of the above and may take a moment to load.

AFC East Stats

Managed to get the AFC East stats fixed up enough to be presentable. This is a large spreadsheet and may take a moment to load. It breaks down each weeks stats (though not in-depth like the cumulative stat sheet), tallies everything up and works out detailed stats on a cumulative sheet in the beginning, and also gives a week by week follow of the each teams schedule showing their opponents previous season's wins/losses and the up-to-date weekly wins/losses. At the top you will find each teams SOS based off of 2022 W/L and a current one figuring 2023 season W/L from week to week.

I have incorporated Skare's fantastic snap count tallying for each week and the season overall. So far I have to say I wasn't expecting the variance in defensive lines among our divisional opponents. All AFC East defensive show a heavy use of nickel with nearly identical snap counts among all four teams. Interestingly, the Bills had the lowest use of three CBs and highest use of 3 safeties.

Jets had three LBs on the field a lot. Bills seem to have a very predictable lineup up front, 2 DTs, 2 DEs, every snap. We will see if that changes at all through the season.

Bills seem to have the highest use of 12 man personnel in the first week, followed close by the Jets. Miami looks to have run straight out of 11 man personnel most of the time with a sprinkling of 21 (they do like using their FB, kinda jealous).


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