38-10...the reports of our demise are grossly exaggerated

...paraphrasing the great Mark Twain, who famously wrote most of his greatest works including Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, The Prince and Pauper, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court in Elmira, the reports of the Bills and Josh Allen in particular being washed, etc. are grossly exaggerated.

Reporting in from Buffalo, from what I saw the tailgating was pretty sparse and tame by Mafia standards, and the fans in stadium were subdued by Mafia standards, with even some booing early on ... it's almost like many (most?) were pissed off and / or traumatized by what happened Monday night and the ensuing shellacking by the "experts" and even some of our own Rumblers.

Needless to say, one win over a mediocre, and a perhaps "below mediocre" Raiders team does not equal a successful season or guarantee of SB win, but for one glorious afternoon at least things are as close to perfect as possible.

A few facts, for the week

  • Bills with 38 points led NFL in scoring offense
  • Bills with 10 points allowed were second (to the Chiefs!?!?!?!) in NFL in scoring defense
  • Bills, doing the math, at + 28 had comfortably had the largest winning margin
  • Bills, at 5.6* YPC had second highest rushing average (to the 49ers at 5.7 YPC). *I cheated a bit taking out Kyle Allen's 2 kneeldowns. Side note: Josh had only 3% of our 183 yards - our RBs, and run, are alive! A whopping 123 yards on only 17 carries (7.2 YPC!!!) for Cook + TDs for Damien and Latavius - hats off to everyone (including OL...shout out to much maligned Spencer Brown, who was very very good against Maxx Crosby)
  • Bills, at 40:04, had second highest time of possession (to the Cowboys...side note - how good are the Cowboys? I suppose we'll see 12/17)
  • Bills, with 0, had (tied for) fewest turnovers...and won turnover battle 3-0...shout outs to Matt "Pick Machine" Milano and Terrell Bernard, both of whom played great
  • Bills, at 83.7% and 124.5 had highest pass completion rate and QB rating. Of course that was our guy JFA being simply awesome. Granted I did not double check every QB's stats so perhaps someone had higher #s, but regardless, shout out to the much maligned Josh Allen who was absolutely fantastic!
And, if that wasn't enough, the weather was a wonderful early fall (or late summer, if you want to be technical) day...really everything was as perfect as one could hope for.

Next up; travelling to the undefeated Washington Commanders (side note - as PC as I usually am, I hate the name / change...) who happen to have one of the best (if not the best) DLs in the NFL (sacked Russell Wilson 7!!! times and hit him 14!!! yikes that's a will be a good test, and hopefully our run game continues to hum)

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