The strange case of Kaiir Elam

Buffalo is now 2 weeks into the NFL season and for 2 weeks in a row last years #1 pick, the player we traded up two spots to get has been a healthy scratch.

At this point I have to wonder what Buffalo's plan is for the young man. It would be one thing if Buffalo was doing a rotation with Benford and Jackson at CB2 but I do not believe that is the case. Benford is simply playing CB2 leaving Jackson as the extra corner and I don't really recall how many snaps he is even getting.

Is it fair or safe to say that as of now Elam is a total bust? Is Buffalo looking to trade the former 1st round pick? Is there any value left in Elam now that he is playing healthy scratch?

Not every draft pick pans out and certainly not every 1st round pick pans out. It's interesting that at the start of the offseason this year my assumption was that Elam would win the CB2 spot, Cook would be the main running back and Bernard would be the Bust.

Now Cook and Bernard are starters and it's Elam who can't even dress on game day.

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