Observations about the defense so far

1. Benford held his own and seems to be the key to the defensive backfield this year. Tre White looked like a "guy" during the last two weeks. Hyde and Poyer (even Tre) were really slow. Like slow motion slow.

2. Elam was a healthy scratch. Wow! He has been flushed out of game days because...? I wish there was some insight in the thinking that he wasn't even considered CB 4 in this pass happy league. He has to be faster than Poyer or Hyde at this point, and it seems like he should be getting snaps at the end of these blowout ball games.

3. No sacks. They had a few pressures, but are not getting to the QB. This is a continuing problematic issue for this defense. Oliver and Rousseau looked strong at times, but did not stand out like the expectations we have for them...

4. Maybe Bernard is the guy? He is fast and young. His turnover was exciting. I have an old memory and don't remember Edmonds making turnovers happen despite his solid presence. Milano and Bernard could be a lot of fun as the season progresses.

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