Unofficial Survivor Pool with "Ted Lasso" rules

Welcome to Week 3 of the Unofficial Survivor Pool. If you’re new here, a brief recap: For a multitude of technical and human-error reasons many Rumblers were locked out of the official, cash-money prize pool contest announced just prior to Week 1. I was one of them and decided to write a weekly fanpost to give anybody and everybody a chance to try their luck at going 17-0 just for fun. But I also want to do it in the most forgivable and inclusive Ted Lasso-ish way possible so there are very generous house rules to this "non-contest":

You can play however strict or loose to your rules as you want. The only rule I think that is written in stone is that you can only pick a team once. Everything else is up to your personal interpretation of how you’d like to participate. I gave everyone Week 1 amnesty and a chance for a fresh start. As we move on, it’s up to you to be honest and keep your own score but I want to give everyone as many mulligans as they want. If you go 0-17 for the season but had fun doing it and had a chance to share a laugh with a fellow Rumbler along the way then you’re a winner in my book. You can join any time in the season, leave when you want, or even take breaks. You do you on your own schedule and we’ll always leave a light on for you. All I ask is that you come for the good company, some friendly competition, and even some playful ribbing if you dare pick any of the Boston, Miami, or NY AFC East teams to win under almost any circumstance. Also very encouraged is stating your "official" pick and then also tossing in 2-cents worth on a "just for fun pick" that is of special interest or involves a team or teams you already used. Also, feel free to share a few details on why you think your weekly pick is a sound one and then comment on other folks’ methodology. Let me hear some chatter out there!…

Now with all that re-capped and out of the way let’s get down to business and see how our current participants have done. To add some zing to things, I’ll be taking a cue from one of the all-time great spaghetti westerns:


The NFC was very, very good their backers this week, especially the NFC East. The Giants caused some heart palpitations but eked out a victory over everyone’s favorite doormat, the Cardinals. Congrats to Billsnerd, Par 49, and feartheflamingtablesoffredonia! The Cowboys outclassed the Jets, giving Woody501 the blow out he (and every other Bills fan) desperately wanted. Will G also picked Dallas, suggesting that he may indeed be a "super genius." The Eagles made Beat Bison a happy camper by putting a beat-down on the Vikings. Out west, the 49ers made it look easy for Chuck-Wagon to pick them, while down south the Falcons literally squeezed one out for zappafan by besting the Packers.


Unfortunately for TCMiller, the Falcon’s narrow victory made him face palm after he picked Green Bay. And in the "misery loves company" segment of our program Jengajam and yours truly are both drowning our sorrows with some Molson’s and Motown after the Lions rained on our parade. I did not expect to so quickly be in need of one of the mulligans I decided to give away like Halloween candy, but there you go. Winning is hard!


Kudos to zappafan, our big winner of the week. You, my friend, deserve a Montana ranch where you could be a dental floss tycoon. You knew the Phins were a solid bet but as a Bills fan you just couldn’t live with yourself to pick them officially. I salute your integrity, sir!

I wish I could say the same for hockeytime :( who is now 2-0 but sits there via giving aid and comfort to the Miami football team. As the crowd chanted in that epic Game of Thrones scene: "Shame… shame… shame…" But I will nonetheless give you full opportunity to explain yourself, if such a thing is humanly possible.

So onward to Week 3! Who do you like? Why? What do think of my methodology in doing this? Any and all (polite) suggestions would be most welcome…

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