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Skarey Movies: Throwly Moly, starring Josh Allen and the Las Vegas Raiders

Much easier to watch than the last episode

The last Skarey Movie was horrifying for fans of the Buffalo Bills. This week’s episode should be frightening for the rest of the league. Concerns about panicky Josh Allen becoming a consistent theme were laid to rest for at least a week as Buffalo dismantled the Las Vegas Raiders. A primary catalyst was the calm and collected Allen who was nearly flawless. Let’s take a look at three very different plays from Allen with a common thread of laser focus and smart football.

This video is a bit longer than usual because it’s so dang full of awesome commentary from yours truly. For those of you inclined to avoid hearing my voice, I break down Josh Allen’s “sack” from the first drive of the game and frame it as an excellent decision. With the Raiders in excellent coverage, Allen’s choices on third down were limited. The sideline scamper for no gain was better than the possible disaster of trying to force something.

Next up is the 40-yard catch-and-run to wide receiver Gabe Davis. Once again the Raiders were playing well. Allen bought some additional time and kept scanning the field calmly to find Davis. The throw was excellent and placed so only Davis had a shot at it.

Last up was the touchdown pass to Khalil Shakir. Josh Allen has every reason to panic but delivered one of the best passes of the day. He did it all looking so cool and collected that even cucumbers were jealous. Allen weaved to his left, then bobbed back to avoid two defenders and led Shakir with a beautiful and soft pass to allow YAC and the score.

Were you worried I forgot to add math and numbers in this week? No worries, the Pythagorean Theorem rears its head yet again to help us demonstrate how wise Allen was on Sunday.