Predict the Score! Week 3: Commanders v Bills

Well, I think we're all feeling a little bit better than this time last week. Just a brief recap of the game, Chuck-Wagon got smart and put Josh Allen on the week's hype poster and Josh Allen responded by balling out. The power of the poster is real! Will I jinx that?? No, Week 1: Milano. Week 2: Allen (Milano still feeling the afterglow of Hype Poster Power!). Week 3: hint, it's the current reigning Iron Man of the NFL. You know who else balled out, ParzLou, who gets the glory of winning this contest for a week. I can't come up with any witty puns that include your name, but congratulations on z win Parz, only two points off the correct score with a prediction of 37-9! I'm not sure what ParzLou is trying to say about cats here, but Go Billz!


Week 3: Commanders v Bills: The Bills ride the roller coaster of momentum across the Delaware River and face the team that's changed it's names more times in the last 4 years than my son has changed the sheets on his bed this year. Washington is a home underdog, to the tune of 6.5 points with a O/U set around 44.5 points.

Bills 34, Commanders 13 Another sound beating of an inferior opponent, the Bills establish their dominance early and often. Tre White gets his first pick of the year, Josh Allen is once again mistake free and practically flawless, throwing for 360 and 2 Scores. Cook runs for over 100 yards again and gets 2 TD's this week,and the run game amasses over 200 total yards. And Rousseau plays out of his mind again, notching a sack and two tackles behind the line of scrimmage. At least Washington won't have to defend against a last second Hail Mary pass again.

Hype Poser: If you are a billiever in that correlation equals causation and are even a little bit 'stitious like Josh Allen likes to quote from The Office all the time, then you my friends would see the power and prophesy coming out of this year's hype poster. I couldn't walk away from Josh Allen yet, and the NFL's Iron Man at 71 games strong is the focus of the magical poster properties yet again. Because it's Marvel Themed, of course Groot has to make an appearance! Sorry for the fold lines, I finally took down this poster like 3 years ago, and folded it, and put it lovingly in my drawer for future use in this contest.


For the second week in a row, we got 125 comments to this little post, will we make it a trifecta? Beats me, but good luck, and happy prognosticating!

Wall of Winners:

Week 1: Brian987 // Overdue bills

Week 2: ParzLou

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