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Bills vs. Raiders: A closer look at Josh Allen’s trio of TD passes

Allen got back on track against the Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s bounce-back performance against the Las Vegas Raiders was as efficient as it was impressive. Allen threw three touchdowns and completed 31 of 37 passes on the afternoon. Let’s take a look at the film for a closer view for each of Allen’s touchdown passes last Sunday.

Josh Allen TD to Dawson Knox

Pre-snap Allen was under center. At the snap Allen executed a play fake to the running back, which froze the edge rusher. This prevented Allen from being chased initially. Allen then rolled out to his left to find Dawson Knox open (who beat press coverage) for the touchdown.

Josh Allen TD to Khalil Shakir

Allen’s second touchdown pass started with him in the gun. At the snap Allen dropped back — while, at the same time, edge rusher Max Crosby beat offensive tackle Spencer Brown with a spin move. Then linebacker Robert Spillane came in free off the blitz. This resulted in two defenders closing in on Allen to collapse the pocket as he tried to step up. Allen negated this by fading back and throwing to receiver Khalil Shakir for the touchdown.

Josh Allen TD to Gabe Davis

On the touchdown to wide receiver Gabe Davis, Allen operated out of the gun again. Once the ball was snapped, Allen found himself flushed out of the pocket and chased by Crosby. Allen then ran right and made a side-arm throw on the move to Davis for the touchdown — all with immense with pressure in his face.

In summary

Josh Allen bounced back in a big way from the challenges he faced in Week 1 against the New York Jets. In place of three interceptions, Allen exited Week 2 having thrown three touchdown passes. Allen made a number of impressive throws last Sunday, and it’s fair to say each of the touchdown tosses showcased his special talents. How would you rate Allen’s performance in Week 2, and which do you think was the best of his three touchdown throws?