Week 2 League and AFC East Stats

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Here are my stat sheets for week 2. The files are in Google doc and may take a moment to load given their size.

So far Big Ed is showing out among the defensive linemen in the AFC. White unfortunately leads in TDs allowed with one in each game so far. Allen is cruising along with a 76.9% completion rate (league leading), while Cook leads all AFC RBs in yardage (both rushing 169 yds and total 222 yds).

Also interesting to note. Through two weeks the Bill's SOS is running at 0.529, while Miami's is 0.441, Pat's 0.618, and Jet's 0.529. Out of division teams I have tracked, Chief's at 0.324, Bengal's at 0.471, Eagle's at 0.618 and the Giant's a whopping 0.706. We will see how it continues to develop over the next few weeks.

It's been mentioned elsewhere through the week the Bills are Blitzing at one of the lowest rates and getting pressure at one of the highest. I have them actually blitzing at the lowest rate and getting pressure at 12th league wide (per the stats on pro-football-reference). Compared to our AFC rivals Miami is blitzing 10th highest and only getting pressure at 28th, New England is blitzing at 2nd highest and getting pressure at 19th, and the Jets are blitzing at 25th and getting pressure at 25th. Bills are definitely being effective at getting pressure with less blitzing compared to most of the league. It's still only two weeks in, so we will see how it plays out in the next few weeks which should give us a better idea of what to continue to expect through the rest of the season.

Continuing to allow comments to be made in case anyone finds a mistake or just wants to point something out. Both links will open in new windows .

I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to get the highlighted stats to transfer over from Excel to Google Docs properly so it will highlight the leaders. The AFC East stats have snap counts highlighted to make it easier to find who is getting the majority of snaps at their respected positions and on STs.

Edit: I placed the strength of schedule stats in their own spreadsheet.

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