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Potentially severe weather could impact Bills vs. Commanders in Week 3

Per a report, a tropical cyclone appears to be tracking for a direct hit along the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast regions

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are putting the final preparations in place ahead of their Week 3 road matchup against the Washington Commanders. But while the Bills look forward to executing their game plan, another force of nature may have just begun its buildup towards a weekend clash with the eastern seaboard of the United States.

A social media post by Warren Sharp on Thursday, September 21 outlined the potential for three Week 3 NFL games to be impacted by the expected formation of a tropical storm over the Atlantic Ocean on Friday. Initial models have predicted the storm path will take it up the East Coast of the United States, pounding the coast with as-yet-unknown wind velocity, storm surge, and size of the storm. If the latest models hold true, the storm could hit the Carolinas on Friday, September 22, the Mid-Atlantic region late Friday into Saturday, September 23, and continue north to the Northeast region into Sunday, September 24.

As is the nature with tropical storms, its path is not yet definitive, meaning weather models could change, and often do hourly or less. Preliminary details shared by Warren about what the storm could bring include rainfall totals of “3 to 5 inches possible within a two-day span where the heaviest rain occurs.” Additionally, there is the potential for “(o)nshore winds of 35 to 45 mph (that) will buffet the coastline, with gusts near 50 mph.”

Of utmost concern to us at Buffalo Rumblings is the safety of everyone. There are things far greater than NFL football and, yes, that includes the Buffalo Bills in this discussion. Even in the absence of a hurricane forming, the potential for a serve weather event developing exits this weekend. That could impact everything from travel, to accommodations, and the need to make alternate plans once at your destination. If you’re planning to attend Sunday’s game at FedEx Field or to other games featuring the New York Jets, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, and Indianapolis Colts — be safe. Be smart. There’s always another game to attend.