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SB Nation Reacts: A Dorsey of a different color finds approval with Bills Mafia

Plus, the Bills rebound in a big way, earning widespread approval by Bills Mafia

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Perhaps unfairly, Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey has found himself at the center of criticism concerning the team’s offensive production. As a first-time OC during the 2022 NFL season, Dorsey put together an impressive playbook that many believed borrowed heavily from Brian Daboll. Buffalo’s offense finished fourth overall last season, yet a large group of fans disapproved of Dorsey, and the idea of moving forward with him — that he was part of a concern the team was wasting quarterback Josh Allen’s best years.

I don’t subscribe to that idea, and I also believe we’ve yet to see Allen’s best years. It’s possible that Allen’s greatest pro season(s) will have nothing to do with his offensive coordinator, but I wouldn’t ever rule out the potential. That means it’s still anyone’s guess if we find such a situation with Dorsey at the helm.

But before I sidebar any longer, let’s get back to what Ken Dorsey has brought to and meant for the Buffalo Bills. Comparing him to Daboll, I pointed out in another article (my thanks again to fellow Rumbler TCMiller30) how the results on offense from 2021 (Daboll) to 2022 (Dorsey) were nearly identical.

Those stats again...

Allen under Daboll in 2021:

  • 409-of-646 (63.3%) for 4,407 yards (259.2 ypg). 6.8 yards per attempt
  • 36TDs (5.6 TD%), 16 INTs (2.3 INT%)
  • QB rating 92.2, QBR 60.7

Allen under Dorsey in 2022

  • 359-of-567 (63.3%), for 4,283 yards (267.2 ypg). 7.6 yards per attempt
  • 35 TDs (6.2 TD%), 15 INTs (2.5 INT%)
  • QB rating 96.6, QBR 73.4

So either Dorsey was emulating Daboll, or he found another set of keys to the Porsche that is Josh Allen. Or, Josh Allen continues to grow no matter who’s calling the shots on offense.


Having asked this week how readers felt about Ken Dorsey two weeks into the 2023 NFL season, Bills Mafia resoundingly approves. And for good reason. Dorsey isn’t the reason the Bills lost against the New York Jets, nor is he the reason for all of Allen’s turnovers. In Week 2, you can count on half a hand or less how many plays many people wish Dorsey didn’t call. And to boot in Week 2, he executed a fantastic game plan that allowed Allen to find early and sustained success, likely helping him regain confidence. He also made a concerted effort to establish a viable running game.

Forty-six percent of respondents gave Dorsey an “A” for his work in Week 2. Another 40% gave him a “B” following Buffalo’s win against the Las Vegas Raiders. For those doing head math, that’s 86% of voters finding favor with Ken Dorsey’s play calling.

That left just 13% of voters going with a “C” or worse. I predict many of those folks either didn’t see the game first-hand, or have simply chosen never to be content with Ken Dorsey as the Bills’ OC.

Interestingly, fans voting “yes” in approval of the team’s current direction hit 83%, nearly equal those in approval of Dorsey in Week 2. You may recall that a fan approval nearly bottomed out after Week 1, with just 35% of voters confident the team was headed in the right direction. NFL fandom can be such a roller coaster!

How did fans for the other 31 teams vote following their favorite team’s Week 2 performance?


Division Team Week 1 Week 2
Division Team Week 1 Week 2
AFC East Buffalo Bills 43% 83%
AFC East Miami Dolphins 97% 97%
AFC East New England Patriots 85% 54%
AFC East New York Jets 64% 42%
AFC North Baltimore Ravens 60% 83%
AFC North Cincinnati Bengals 67% 52%
AFC North Cleveland Browns 95% 31%
AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers 37% 21%
AFC South Houston Texans 90%
AFC South Indianapolis Colts 77% 91%
AFC South Jacksonville Jaguars 96% 83%
AFC South Tennessee Titans 39% 83%
AFC West Denver Broncos 53% 41%
AFC West Kansas City Chiefs 80% 86%
AFC West Las Vegas Raiders 77% 15%
AFC West Los Angeles Chargers 30% 8%
NFC East Dallas Cowboys 96% 97%
NFC East New York Giants 69% 74%
NFC East Philadelphia Eagles 65% 80%
NFC East Washington Commanders 81% 95%
NFC North Chicago Bears 22% 7%
NFC North Detroit Lions 99% 86%
NFC North Green Bay Packers 98% 81%
NFC North Minnesota Vikings 29% 56%
NFC South Atlanta Falcons 85% 95%
NFC South Carolina Panthers 71% 34%
NFC South New Orleans Saints 91% 80%
NFC South Tampa Bay Buccaneers 85% 91%
NFC West Arizona Cardinals 77% 72%
NFC West Los Angeles Rams 89% 98%
NFC West San Francisco 49ers 87% 98%
NFC West Seattle Seahawks 32% 81%
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