Is Beane an idiot, a genius, or just the luckiest man on Earth??

Beane completely failed to draft a player that fit the scheme on our most glaring hole- but he just happens to draft a first-round talent to do his exact job anyways.

He refused to sign or draft an MLB all offseason, his plan at MLB got injured at a critical time, and his backup plan was hot garbage. Now T-43 is playing like he wants to win DPOY.

He failed year after year to improve the line, and was considered by many to be holding us back with his shoddy line construction. Magically everyone is playing perfectly, even Spence.

He has been much maligned for failing to get a truly dominant D-line with all the assets put into it, and now we have pretty much all of our picks playing up to their draft spot and our FA signings playing like stars.

He was accused of being bad at getting good backs. We now have the league leader in YPC.

Beane has somehow made several crucial mistakes, and now they're all turning around and we look nearly unstoppable. Is it luck? Skill? Did he make a deal with the devil? I really don't know, but it's something interesting to think about.

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