NFL Musings and Observations (Trust the Process?)

Humans naturally want to question. It is one of the aspects of life which to appreciate, the want to question. A natural ability to wonder what is life? What is meaning behind it all? Why are we here? Did anyone ever actually watch the Cleveland show? When did Will Ferrell go from funny to, it's a Will Farrell movie, so pass? I will say after the Monday Night loss to the NY Jets many, including myself, questioned should we trust the process?

At this point in the season and how the Bills ended last season I would argue it is still ok to trust the process but it is also ok to say I don't fully trust the process. Both sides have strong arguments as to where we lie and frankly it is probably in between full blown trust to no trust. Here at NFL Musings and Observations I want to provide arguments for those profound football questions as insightful as the reader has come to expect with breaking down a good boss.

1. Are they genuine? Good bosses are a genuine person worthy of most trust. Now, does anyone fully trust their boss? Probably not but that is the nature of the employer/employee dynamic but I would argue you want to have a mostly genuine boss. Ever have the non genuine boss? They take your idea and claim it as their own? They work less hours than you but want you to work longer hours? The mere presence alone reminds you of everyone in the movie Clue? Just fake and you're wondering who is the biggest person to keep your eye on?

2. Do they communicate? The art of communication is becoming more and more lost. The best bosses I have had are always good communicators. Often this is done with fewer words as they understand the more language, the bigger the vocabulary (Bigger words for the sake of bigger words is not advantageous but often leads to trepidation from the follower) lends itself to confusion. Simple, honest and direct language.

3. Are they a teacher? Teaching never stops in life, we know this, so I look at the good bosses and they fully understand that teaching comes in many forms from hearing, visual and hands on. They will adjust the approach to ensure the follower learns and doesn't become frustrated with someone who can't fully comprehend after only one explanation. This is needed because everyone learns differently, are they humble enough to adjust their approach?

4. Do they show adaptability? Sometimes things need to change, the best example I can give in the military is some leadership will expect someone to run through a wall. This is of course impossible, it's concrete and re-enforced with re bar. What's even worse, there would be a door three feet away. Why not change? Fear of change leads to a dinosaur.

So do I trust the process? At this point I will say yes. Looking at the additions of Kincaid and using more two Tight End sets shows the Bills are willing to adapt. Knowing Josh Allen can't be the running game so calling more runs shows adapting. Look at the communication as every player handles the media and you see they have been coached up on communicating. Look at teaching and you see young players showing promise, see Torrence and Bernard. Are they genuine? I believe they're from what I have seen. Trust the process.

Random Bills Observations:

1. McD as DC is showing dividends over Leslie Frazier. I like Frazier but we must ask the question, did the game pass him by? I am seeing more creativity on defense and specifically blitzing. It looks like more overload blitzes, unique blitzes. They are not blitzing a ton but when they do every blitz has a specific goal for the pressure.

2. The game within the game is always something that needs to be discussed. I would of LOVED the Bills to be more aggressive in scoring points but the Bills had to realize the Commanders would struggle against the Bills defense. So how do the Bills handle this? Keep it within the obvious which is higher the risk means higher the reward but is the risk going to be worth your bang for your buck. Against the Commanders it doesn't and sometimes just having a field goal is good enough.

3. A running game, the Bills have a running game! Now, against the Jets and the Commanders they probably faced the two best DLs in the game. So they did have some struggles but in seasons past the Bills would simply get a stop and say "Well, time for Josh Allen" and this year it feels different. They keep going back again and again to keep the ball on the ground. This forces the defense to play honest, keeps Josh Allen on track and frankly keeps "YOLO" Josh Allen away. Ever wonder why Andy Reid is always committed to the run? Patrick Mahomes has some gunslinger in him, not as much as Allen but he knows this and keeps him on track with running the ball.

4. Bernard looks like a modern NFL Linebacker. He is lacking size but he has tremendous instincts. But his understanding of leverage of coverage to know where to be in the passing lane. He shows no fear to get inside and handle the run. It has not been a HUGE sample size but as of right now, how can you not be excited?


6. Ed Oliver is playing to his abilities. He is a wrecker and hopefully his contract looks like a bargain. As he continues to keep playing the way he is playing he is going to attract more double teams and that is being scary.

7. The Bills have Von Miller coming back so I want to throw this out as Floyd, Oliver, Groot bumping inside and Miller. Just how do you block this combo with just five OL? Does the offense keep in a RB or a TE? This is a blocking nightmare in my opinion.

8. Those Refs were not impressive in anyway. I'm normally not one to say something of the refs but when my buzzed self can see an obvious hold on a rushing DT the refs need to be able to see it. When the refs make the game feel like it is the wild wild west the product is diminished.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1. I will like to collect my money for predicting Justin Fields and the Bears would be terrible. I actually thought the Bears in some odd sense would win against the Chiefs, more so because I thought it would be hilarious but lets be honest, it's a tire fire. This is so bad in Chicago that the Chicago Fire is starting to look better to the city than the Bears. How do they recover? They don't, at no point looking at this franchise can I come up with ANY way forward which doesn't involve fire, unfortunately I don't believe they have Mrs. O'Leary phone number.

2. There are times in life where you realize you "F Up". Sean Payton you done "F Up"! The Broncos is not a quick fix, it is like buying a car because you need one so you get it from a friend of a friend. It's a LEMON but it is a private transaction so Lemon Laws are not the greatest for protection. It needs a full rebuild and you found a nest in the trunk. Here's the thing about the Broncos, they've been BAD, i mean BAD ever since Peyton Manning retired. Head coaches in and out, QBs in and out. We want to see the Broncos as we have for years, competent. They aren't in any way, shape or form. Losing to the Dolphins 70-20 is not embarressing, it is a career ender. In Pop Warner they would of turned off the score board it was that bad, what do they do which is good?

3. CJ Stroud is having the most success out of the Rookie QBs and I know why, CJ is more traditional. When I want a New York Strip I don't want to have the chef's take on a NY Strip. I want it done traditionally, put a little Montreal seasoning on it and lets move on. Bryce Young is SMALL and comes from Alabama where you know he was playing with elite players. He's hurt. Anthony Richardson is the physical elite talent wise where visions of Josh Allen are dancing in fan bases heads. He's hurt. CJ Stroud came into the league and was the prototype pocket passer. He does have some physical traits but his game is much more around the idea of the vision of a QB which has been established for close to 50 years. This is not to say the other two won't be better but for right now Stroud is looking good.

4. Jacksonville, you can't lose that game against the Texans.

5. Mac Jones apparently hit Sauce Gardner in the groin.

Lets go to the tape, using my best Kevin Costner impression from the movie JFK.

As we can see in the film, Mac Jones is starting to stand up, his LEFT arm is not seen except for a split second when it went back and appears to make contact with the groin of Sauce Gardner. The effect of this assault on his manhood were instantaneous as the densely packed nerves sent the message he has been bag tagged and fights the urge to double over in pain as the sheer swelling is about to begin as the Normady invasion began on his Omaha Beach. Sauce preceded to throw Mac Jones on the ground and check on the family jewels which were hopefully not lost like the Jewel from Titanic as Rose refused to give her family generational wealth for someone she knew for two or three days back in 1912. I had WAY too much fun writing this, I hope I'm not suspended from the board.

6. Brandon Staley going for it on his own 25 yard line with the lead is probably the dumbest coaching decision I have seen since Urban Meyer's brought in Tim Tebow to play Tight End. I like being aggressive, I like analytics but ain't a certain point it becomes analysis paralysis. The risk is not worth the reward in any way, shape or form. At this point I have to ask, does he want to be fired because with that decision I'm wondering if they can fire him for cause. This is a trend for him as he has bucked common sense for his precious analytics. But at this point it is not analytics which guiding him but rather in my mind, his arrogance.

7. The Dolphins are good, but lets dive into the numbers. These are the teams they have beaten:

Chargers: See point #6 but with the Chargers having one win does it truly feel impressive? I fully understand they were on the road but looking at the totality of the circumstances for the Chargers it feels to me they might be finding a new head coach for 2024.

Patriots: I'm not saying the Patriots are bad but I really don't see them making a run for the playoffs. They're offensively challenged but defensively they will be good because Coach Belicheck is the best defensive mind to ever look at a play book.

Broncos: TIRE FIRE

But looking at the competition they have two wins among each other. The Phins didn't blow out the Chargers or the Patriots. So this incredible offensive Juggernaut is possible against the Bills is possible but I don't see it happening. Bills may lose but I don't see it as being something which is guaranteed which I have seen from some fans of Miami.

How do the Bills slow down the Phins? This is the game I would like to Elam activated due to his high end speed but more so lets talk about concepts. Force Tua to attack outside the hashes and his second read. The other issue is Mike McDaniels is crafting an offense to take the ball out of Tua's hand fast but if Tua has to hold up against the pass rush advantage Bills. I believe the advantage for the Bills will be the pass rush to Tua. The other obvious thing is the Bills running game, can't be scoring on offense if they're off the field.

There is no love lost between these two teams, respect possibly but this is the game of the week and frankly I could see it being the game of the season. I know for a FACT Christian Wilkins is training hard this week, here's a quick clip of what is he focusing on:

Have a great week!

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