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Skarey Movies: Planet Terrel (Bernard) — Bills at Commanders

Bernard went from a scene extra to featured star

I know this series is called “Skarey Movies” — so I feel compelled after two weeks of joyful results by the Buffalo Bills that fear is all a matter of perspective. I would imagine the following flick would foment phobia for fans of the Washington Commanders. For us Bills fans though, what a ride! A major worry for us during the offseason was the loss of Tremaine Edmunds. I’ll admit something on that topic. I was one of the most worried fans. While the book of Terrel Bernard is still being written, he’s gone an incredibly long way toward removing the anxiety I had over the position. Let’s take a look at some key plays the young linebacker made against the Commanders!

This week’s video is about seven minutes of your life. You could do worse than spend that time listening to me. I’m not sure much worse, but definitely you could do worse. As for the recap for the fans of the written word, here you are...

The video starts with Bernard’s first sack of the day. We all know I love talking body mechanics and I bet I could do an hour on just this play. I gush about Bernard shedding a block with authority to allow him to keep pursuing the play. I also add in a little talk about his right arm positioning to help accelerate toward quarterback Sam Howell. Bernard keeps solid tackling form and honestly you’re better off watching me describe the finish as Bernard uses fancy footwork to prevent Howell from falling forward.

Next up was the interception, which shows off good backpedaling and a grab that most receivers should be proud of. I frame a lot of the play using a stopping point you’ve seen before with Josh Allen analysis of quarterback Josh Allen — the point the decision to throw has been made.

On Bernard’s second sack, he shows off quickness and good ability to wrap up. Bernard also executes a stunt around an also-blitzing Matt Milano. Check out what Greg Rousseau, DaQuan Jones, Ed Oliver, and Leonard Floyd do on the play as well.

Last and actually maybe least is the fumble recovery. The play could have been a low light-reel worthy one for both Bernard and Milano thanks to a pretty great spin move. The rest of the defense goes hive mind toward the ball. Once it comes loose, Bernard is able to get to it.